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Weight Loss Tips

Every person knows the fundamental rules in losing weight. Setting own realistic goal. Eating a little but doing more exercises especially keeping in training. In order to keep fit your physical or psychological health you should take care of below-mentioned weight loss tips. 1- Drink water, sugarfree tea or sugarless fruit herbal tea. Drinking water two or three litres during daytime helps you in losing weight. If you drink a big glass of water in early morning as soon as you wake up this will regiment your metabolism and raise your metabolic rate. It is also possible, if you drink water before meals, it may result eating less. 2- Add your diet fibrous foods as vegetables and fruits which cause feeling of fullness. 3- Eat only due to a real hunger. Do not eat because of psychological factors. 4- Make an effort to trim down the portions of your meals using small plates. 5- Do not eat snacks as chips, chocolate, crisps, biscuits in front of the TV after dinner. 6- Instead of buying snacks, sweets and ice-cream to your home arrange a night out of your house for eating waffles with your friends at the most one night weekly. 7- Try to eat four or five meals with small portions daily because this method will help you in controlling your appetite and weight loss diet program. 8- Try to use spices for flavouring your cooks instead of salt. 9- Fıll your icebox with simple, easy, healthy and instant foods which can be prepared in a short time for avoiding yourselves to order fast food or pizza. 10- Yet, your mind and your stomach insist on eating pizza or fast food then order kids menu. 11- Replace; fried potatoes with grilled vegetables-meat with fish- whole fats with extra virgin olive oil- sweets with season fruits.

12- Learn stress management by listening to music, practicing deep breathing, singing a song etc. 13- Do not exercise for eating more. This will be the greatest mistake. Exercise for keeping fit and losing fat. 14- Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol stirs up insensible water loss of the body and increases urination. 15- You must save your unlike stages of the victuals pyramid.In a sense, it may be the biggest and harmful fault if diet plan routine consists of food series like nonfat or non-starchy foods continuously. Forwhy, the human body is in need of nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, you may crack up bodly and cave in morality. 16- Having breakfast is the most important part of diet plans. If you do not have breakfast you feel yourselves hungry in daytime and eating snack foods you will have much more calories rather than meals. 17- Try to sleep at the same time at night. Firstly, while we are sleeping our bodies discharge or secrete hormone known as leptin. Hormone leptin burns the fats of our bodies. In other words, in fact we lose weight while we are sleeping owing to leptin hormone level. Secondly, after a restless and sleepless night you can interweave the feeling of insomnia and hunger. Eventual, you will be in need of having a quick bite or a snack during day routine while you are at work. 18- Do not use light pruducts because sense of trust being light provokes you eating much. 19- Chew your food quietly and tastefully. Triturating your food gives your stomach is full up and this positive message will be transferred to your brain. 20- Please exercise and keep in training!

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