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Under Eye Bags

As we get older and time passes our skin age becomes noticeable. As time goes on our muscles relax and become unable to support skin tissue around our eyes. As a result of ciliary muscle relaxation excess fat tissue which supports our eyes move forward into the lower lids and causes sagged eyebrows, upper lids, dark circles, wrinkles and under eye bags. The under eye bags have a swollen and puffy appearance. If it is discovered in time, it may be possible to reform bags under eye with home remedies and cosmetic excipients or products such as using a raised pillow, applying under eye concealers and cold compresses.However, sometimes dark circles and bags under eye lead to seem look older and cause peripheral vision. In such circumstances, you should immediately get rid of under eye bags in order to eliminate such impaired vision or vision disability. The under eye bags can be romeved simply with an under eye bag plastic surgery also known as blepharoplasty. When should you seek medical advice? You should consult a doctor or physician if the under eye bag puffiness becomes serious and continual; it goes with flush, redness, pain and itching; it has an effect on your legs. At the start, the possibilities of under eye bag swelling will be checked up whether it is a resultant of: a fluid retention or an oedema, using flat cushion, genetics, disorder of thyroid, insufficient sleep syndrome, kidney disease and any kind of infection, allergy or dermatitis. Eyelid and under eye bag cosmetic surgery cause you to have the advantages of a high-level self-esteem and self-confidence, refreshs tired-looking eyes, makes easy to apply make up, prevents premature ageing, causes to appear young-looking and determines a modern vision. If you decide to have eye bag removal surgery or blepharoplasty this procedure can be performed as the upper lids plastic surgery or lower lids cosmetic surgery or both together.

What happens during the under eye bag surgery? Upper eyelid and olwer eyelid or under eye bag surgery is an outpatient surgery which commonly takes up time one to two or three hours. The procedure is to eliminate extra sagged skin and adipose tissue or fatty tissue from over the eye contour. Besides, it can be operated to take out surplus fatty tissue and skin from underneath the eye contour in order to smooth crow’s foot and wrinkles. If you wish to be contented with only upper eyelid surgery you may have simply a soft sedative and local anaesthetic. The plastic surgeon makes some tiny incisions all along the inborn line of the upper eye lid, just about one cm above the eyelash line and ciliary process. Then, operator takes away the skin from the underlying subcutaneous tissue sooner than removing or relocating the adipose or fatty tissue and making muscular tissue. If you do not contented with only lower eyelid surgery and opt for both upper and lower eyelid surgery, then plastic operation will be performed under general anaesthetic. In this procedure the operating surgeon will open small incisions along the lower eyelash line at the beginning. Then he/she removes excess sagging skin and fatty tissue called under eye bags. At the end of either upper or lower eyelid procedures you will have a repositioned, smooth, young looking appearance. After blepharoplasty a lubricated eye ointment will be put on to your eyes and eyelids for safety and prevention of dryness. The eye ointment may reason temporary cloudy vision. Besides, you may experience light sensitivity, double vision named complaints of diplopia and flood of tears known as lachrymal secretion. The swelling and puffiness caused by surgery can be aftercared with application of ice packs or cold compresses.

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