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Test tube baby

Tube baby is an in vitro fertilization procedure. Medically IVF means fertilization in vitro or in vitro fertilization. IVF is one of the most admirable and needed procedure in medical science for humanty. Then what is IVF? IVF is the extravaginal fertilization of female egg cells by male sperm. That is to say sperm fertilizes egg cells outer of the body: in vitro. In vitro is a Latin root medical term means in glass. Although yet nowadays laboratory dish and test tubes are used for fertilization the medical term in vitro fertilization is used for test tube babies. On behalf of infertility there are many assisted reproductive technology. IVF is the supreme falled back up treatment as the other techniques have failed againt infertility. IVF technology controls the ovulatory process hormonally and removes with combining healthy ovum from the female ovarian then leads secured sperm to fertilise eggs in the laboratory environment in fluid medium. So as to creat a natural pregnancy the fertilised egg – in medical zygote-zigot- embryo is after that transferred to the female uterus with a procedure identified as embryo transfer. In brief the enhanced primary care package in the IVF is of four proceeding steps such as: Monitoring of the healthy ovum in the ovarian; egg collecting; sperm securing; fertilizing eggs and sperm in the laboratory environment. Secondary care is transferring embryo into the uterus. In order to collect multiple eggs during the female cycles the patient has been given fertility medication. This is more often consulted to as ovulation induction.The hormone levels are followed by blood or urine tests. The development of egg is monitored through the instrument of ultrasound. A kind of hollow needle named follicular aspiration is used while the eggs collected from the ovaries. This medical response is generally performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

Then the transaction called artificial insemination had been done. The sperm and eggs are putted in incubators in laboratory environment in order to make possible fertilization to happen. In the belief that fertilization may be lower intracytoplasmic sperm injection in short ICSI may be tried. If this procedure ends successfully the fertilized ovums or eggs can be thought as embryos. The last stage is embryo transfer into the female uterus for creating a natural pregnancy. Afterwards by the help of blood tests and ultrasonography the success of implantation test and symptoms mimicking those of normal pregnancy can be watched and monitored closely. There are two alternatives of in vitro fertilization! Gamete intrafallopian transfer in short GIFT, and ZIFT, zygote intrafallopian transfer. If a female can not produce healthy eggs IVF may be realized with a couple’s healthy ovum. If a boy friend or husband is sterile then the assistance can be donor fit sperm, eggs and embryos. What can threat us in vitro fertilization? As with most medical procedures, there are some potential risks. The risks of in vitro fertilization depend upon each particular step of the method and technique. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is one of the possibilities meaning ovary stimulation. The other symptoms can occur as: pregnancy induced severe nausea and vomiting, severe abdominal pain and vomiting, lose of appetite, increased urinary frequency, dieresis, deep colored urine, shortness of breath and respiratory distress, rapid weight gain and sense of bloating. Premature birth may also be another risk. During the egg retrieval process there may be slight impossibilies such as bleeding or infection. It is important on the part of couples being under psychological tension and emotional anxiety. Assisted reproductive technology in short ART causes successful IVF. However the most important subject is that in vitro fertilization treatment should be done by a specialist in an infertility clinic. In other words, when you decide to have test tube baby or tube baby; first of all you should look for a specialist in the field of ART besides IVF and select a specific center.

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