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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is an aesthetic procedure. In old times, ancient Egyptians, tried to brush their teeth with a simple toothbrush by using a mixture of white wine vinegar and pumice instead of toothpaste. The ancient Romans and in the eighteenth century ancient people believed that human water or urine caused their teeth to keep white. Chinese have been used a kind of toothbrushe named chew sticks for their teeth cleaning and hygeine. The chew sticks were only tiny branches. Long afterwards, Chinese has made first toothbrushes using bristles, like to what we use today. The first used toothbrushes in China were made up of a a straight line part of bamboo or bone with bristles on it. The bristles were made from the hair of hogs. In the meanwhile, in Europeans only the upper and propertied classes used toothbrushes with bristles made from soft horse hair. Those who lived in old times are stranger to the awareness of bacteria and germs. Whole people began to take notice of health and hygiene of their mouths after the French biologist and chemist Louis Pasteur introduced them to bacteria and germs in the second half 1800’s. Then, humankind began to find out a hygenic solution for this problem. In the first half of 1900’s the material which did not stay wet and collect bacteria has been discovered by Du Pont. Nylon! There is no doubt, nylon is the best material for the bristles on a toothbrush. Unluckily, the former nylon was very inflexible and caused person’s gums to damage. Afterwards soft nylon had been developed soft nylon. Thus, much more comfortable models of toothbrushes were manufactured. In the second half of 1900’s, electric was applied to the toothbrushes. In today’s modern world dental care is not only a cleanning and hygenic step but besides an aesthetic procedure.

People of all ages wish to smile bright and pearly white! For, white teeth cause to gain self-confidence. How can you have your teeth whitened? There are several teeth bleaching products such as teeth whitening toothpastes, teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening pens, teeth whitening trays and teeth whitening strips. The whole of these tooth whitening or tooth bleaching products can be used at home in order to dissolve stains and whiten teeth. However, if a person wants laser teeth whitening then he/she should go to a dentish’s office.For; laser teeth whitening can only be done in the dentish’s office. Of course, there is one more option for teeth bleaching. Those who wishes their teeth to be whitened can go to a dentish’s office if they have not dental anxiety and can ask for an at-home teeth whitening. However, it may be beter for three groups of people to avoid teeth whitening system: Individuals whose teeth became grayish because childhood usage of antibiotics. Persons whose teeth are exceedingly sensitive to cold. People whose front teeth with crown materials and metal fillers. In these type of teeth whitening products seem blemished. If a person prefers whiter teeth but does not want to put in his/her mouth chemicals known as blue covarine, carbamide peroxide and sodium hexametaphosphate. Then, he/she can practice some other more natural alternative ways in order to whiten his/her teeth. As you know quite a few years ago, toothpastes had baking soda in their formulas. That is because baking soda really can make easier your teeth to whiten. It works in much similar tactic as hydrogen peroxide does. Twice a week before brushing your teeth dampen your toothbrush and then dip it into a little dash of the baking soda then brush for a while such as two or three minutes.

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