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What is stress? Stress is a term applied the exaggeration of feelings and emotions. Sometimes, daily life activities and responsibilities get out of your control and cause your stress level to be increased considerably. A person who is overloaded may become exasperated and feel that he/she has more than one can bear. However, it is not so difficult to cope up with stress related situations in case of becoming aware of stress management. Then, what is stress management? Stress management is to learn the method in dealing with difficulties and trouble. An individual may keep up with tension both in unhealthy or healthy ways. The unhealthy methods of coping with stress are: Smoking, drinking alcohol too much, overeating, undereating, spending much time in front of PC or TV, breaking away from activities, associates and relations and activities, taking tranquillizers, outsleeping, postponing, evading responsibilities, venting your anger on others such as rounding on, sudden outburst of anger or using physical violence. Though these methods may lighten your stress load for the short term, long term outcome will only be damage for your emotional and physical health or stress disorders as stress ulcer, tension headache etc. What are the healthier techniques of stress management? No doubt, it is to renew and relax with better alternatives such as walking and having time in nature, writing in your diary, taking a bath or shower, talking to a positive friend, working in your garden, watching a comedy, listening to music or playing with your pet. There are two lines for managing and coping with stressful life events: Status change and reaction change. Status change can be succeeded in avoiding and altering the stressors. Reaction change can be succeeded in accepting and adapting to the stressors. How can you avoid needless stress?

Identify your daily output and refuse to do excess duties and responsibilities that you can unable to handle both in your personal or professional life. Short of that please learn how to say “no “gently. Avoid those who are stress puppy and cause you be stressed. Keep of environmental stress as stress-filled television series, movies etc. Every morning check your daily task list. If you have got too much classify them according to “must” and “should”. Then begin with the responsibilities which must be done. If you cannot stay away from an associate full of stress and stressful situation, try to change it. In such circumstances changing situations depend on how you speak and control in your daily life. Do not quiet! Voice your feelings calmly and quietly. If you do not express your feelings the whole situation remains the same. Besides, offer behavioral change all together. Making use of the time well is one of the most stress management strategies. Poor time management can cause lack of time and tension. If you cannot alter the stressor, then try to adapt to the stressor by renewing and changing yourself. How can you alter yourselves? You may have a recent sense of control by modifying your expectations and thoughts. Try to observe stressful situations and stressful life events from a more optimistic perspective. Be attuned to your own and others standards. Perfectionism may be the main reason of stress. Think positive. How you think can have a deep outcome on your emotional and physical well-being. If you notice fine things about yourself and others, you are more likely to experience excellent. Understand and accept the unavoidable events that you cannot change such as a serious health problem, bereavement, breaking up with the lover or divorcement. In similar cases the best stress management strategy is to accept experiences as they are although acceptance is difficult. Please do not forget: Impossible is nothing and nobody is perfect!

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