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Sore Throat

What is sore throat or throat ache? It is an irritation or a pain which is felt in throat. In other words it is the soreness of the pharynx. In fact, throat ache is the initial sign of pharyngitis. However, pharyngitis or sore throat words are both can be used for irritation and scratchiness of the throat or pharynx. If you have sore throat you feel bad especially when you swallow. It most common ensues from a viral infection. These viral infections may be a cold or the flu. Sometimes, rarely a sore throat may be caused by a bacteria. If sore throat is a functional outcome of bacterial infection it may need a further treatment such as antibiotic therapy. Otherwise, a sore throat caused by a viral infection can mostly be resolved on its own with at-home remedies and home care. The signs and symptoms of a sore throat are: 1- Soreness and tenderness in the pharynx. 2- Feeling of irritation and scratchy in the throat. 3- Sensation of worsening pain and inflammation or irritation in the throat during talking or swallowing. 4- Swallowing difficulties. 5- Dryness of the mouth and throat. 6- Pain in your neck and mouth cavity, swollen salivary glands. 7- Quinsy, swollen, white patched tonsils. 8- Cracked or hoarse voice. 9- Loss of appetite especially in infants and toddlers. 10- Fever, chill and bad cough seizures. 11- A sensation of nausea and vomiting. 12- Headache and body pain. 13- Having a runny nose. Although yet throat ache can be treated with home care you should be aware of seeking medical advice. You should take your child to a baby doctor or podiatrist in case of your child has: 1- his/her sore throat does not disappear with the initial drink in the morning. 2- Difficulty in breathing or labored breathing.

3- Inability and difficulty in swallowing. 4- High fever. Then when adults should see an ear nose and throat specialist in short ent man? Adults should consult a physician known as otolaryngologist or rhinolaryngologist in case of having: 1- A throat pain and sore lasting longer than seven days. 2- Difficulty in opening mouth and breathing or swallowing. 3- Severe muscle and joint pain and earache. 4- High fever and rash. 5- Spiting out thick and bloody wads of phlegm. 6- Severe salivary gland or throat swelling. 7- Hoarseness lasting more than fifteen or twenty days. What are the reasons of sore throat? The causes are: 1- Common cold. 2- Influenza or flu. 3- Mononucleosis syndromes in short mono. 4- Having the measles. 5- Chickenpox. 6- Croup. 7- Streptococcus pyogenes. 8- Whooping-cough. 9- Diphtheria. However, there may be some other causes for a sore throat. Those are: 1- Allergies. 2- Indoor dryness of air. 3- Outdoor air irritants. 4- Tobacco, alcohol and smoking. 5- Muscle strain. 6- GERD, Gastroesophageal reflux disease. 7- HIV infection. 8- Cancerous tumors of throat. How can you cure yours or your child’s sore throat with lifestyle changes and home remedies? At-home care strategies please try these following strategies: 1- Taking a rest. 2- Plenty and enough sleeping. 3- Let the voice to rest. 4- Keep the throat moist and try to prevent dehydration. You can do these with drinking plenty of water and fluids such as warm liquids, warm water with honey or caffeine-free tea. 5- Gargling with saltwater. 6- Sitting for quite a while in a steamy bathroom in order to eliminate dry air which causes irritation in a sore throat. 7- Try to have lozenges above four years of age. For, lozenges may help to soothe a sore throat.

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