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Sex Determination

Male and female are always distinguished each other a series of typical characteristic features. In other words, there are two main gender and sex in mammals: Masculine and feminine. In many respects, male and female gene codes and alleles are characterized differently. As a result, your unborn baby will have the characteristic of his/her parents. From more or less the second a young couple learns pregnancy, after pregnancy test they both wonder and be anxious about their newborn baby. Thus and so, the guessing games become unavoidable. In earlier period, a strong sense of wonder is about the baby’s appearance and to whom he/she will look like. Medical sciences can not lend a hand yet to envision how the newborn baby will look. However, perhaps wondering on the subject of the gender of an infant is much more questioning than others. Don’t you wish to learn your baby’s sex when he/she is unborn? Don’t you want to do your baby’s preparations due to his or her sex? Then, what actually works in sex determination and differentiation in pregnancy? Nowadays, baby gender prediction or baby sex prediction is possible. For predicting your baby’s sex you may take a few tests. These medical test scores help you to learn your baby’s sex. In order to reveal the sex of your baby you may take such medical tests: Amniocentesis: In fact, amniocentesis is a kind of analysis by synthesis in order to discover genetic factors related to disease.

On the other hand, amniocentesis can also reveal sex. In this test a needle named amniocentesis needle is inserted into the liquid known as amniotic fluid in which your baby survives in the womb. However, obstetrician and gynecologist do not propose this test for sex determination and differentiation because of having miscarriage risk and being invasive. Chorionic Villus Sampling in short CVS: For verifying baby’s sex sample cells are extracted from the membrane part that surrounds the embryo. The accoucheurs use CVS when there is a serious risk of genetic abnormality. They never do this test for determining gender. DNA Blood or Urine Screen tests can surely agree on your baby’s sex. However these tests are very expensive and luxurious. Ultrasound- Ultrasound or ultrasonography has been used in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Ultrasound imaging is an advanced technology. Have an abdominal ultrasound scan does not injure your and your baby’s structure known as torso due to non containing radiation. Usage of ultrasound technology in pregnancy after sixteenth week can help you: to determine the due date by taking the size of the fetus; to see your fetus’s position; to check your position of the placenta; to know the number of your fetuses in your cervix; to watch the process of fetus’s growth rate; to detect life-critical situations as ectopic pregnancy; to ensure the amniotic fluid volume. In addition to all these, if the genital region of fetus can be clearly seen, you can check and learn the sex of your baby. Monitoring gives you a break to know and enjoy your baby while he/she is a fetus or unborn offspring.

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