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Scar Surgery

Scars are heaps of fibrous and fatty tissue which shape during the human body is recovering from a personal or bodily injury. Scars can come into view red, pale or silvery. Some of the cicatrixes die away in time. However, some kinds of scars do not fade away in lifetime. While an injury have an effect on the sub surface skin called dermis, the body scabs over the wound and sends collagen fibers across the wounded region. The collagen fibers are natural skin proteins. This denser protein forms scars while it is fighting aganst the hurt area for recovering it. There are many different forms of scars such as contracture scars, hypertrophic scars, keloids, atrophic scars, chickenpox scars, acne scars, burn scars, skin cancer scars, stretch marks, injury & accident scars. Community-residing persons whether they are young, middle-aged or golden ager individuals wish to look better. Whatever their ages are, any kind of scars and stretch marks become annoying both for men and women in their esthetic appearance. The birth of modern science leads modern aesthetics for humanity. In this context, in order to regain your self-confidence and seem to be in good health, you can consider scar removal. Nowadays, it is possible to get rid of cicatrixes with the help of scar removal surgery. The most important subject is to find the correct scar removal technician or surgeon for performing the scar plastic surgery procedure. In fact, scar removal is a cosmetic surgery which assists you to have blemish-free, clear, smooth, beautiful and young looking skin. On the other hand, scars might be threated early on in their creation to minimize the effect. Scar removal candidates want to know about scar revision surgery procedure. For preoperative diagnoses the patients may be asked for laboratory tests, certain medications intaking, quit smoking, stop intaking of herbal supplements, anti-inflammatory medicines and specially aspirin.

Certainly, you will be asked for discussing your feelings as anxiety, excitement and stress about the cosmetic surgery and your post-surgical new image. Then, What may be the risks of scar removal surgery? Bleeding complication known as hematoma, general or local anaesthesia risk, delayed wound heal, skin sensation disorder, infection, post-operative intractable pain, blood vessel and muscle damages, nerve injury, skin bloating, skin discoloration and dermis contour irregularty. In order to achieve the best results in a scar or stretch mark revision surgery, the types and techniques may procure clear improvement activity. What are the scar revision types, techniques and procedures? For boxcar scars aesthetic surgery options are punch elevation and punch excision. Therapy is lasers. For contracted, webbed scars: Scar removal plastic surgery is Z-plasty. Therapy is intralesional corticosteroids. For depressed scars: Scar removal ways are fusiform excision and subcision or subdermal undermining. Therapies are fillers and lasers. For elevated scars: Revision techniques are fusiform excision and shave excision. Therapies are dermabrasion laser resurfacing and intralesional corticosteroids. For hypertrophic scar, besides keloids: Cosmetic surgery methods are fusiform excision and shave excision. Therapies are cryosurgery, compression therapy, intralesional immunomodulators, lasers and radiation. For ice pick, pitted scars: Scar revision surgery method is punch excision. Therapies are dermabrasion, dermal pocket grafting, punch grafting. For rolling scars: Scar revision surgery typ is subcision. Therapies are fillers and lasers. For widened scars: Scar plastic surgery types are excision and suture with buried vertical mattress intradermal sutures. Therapy is lasers. For long linear scars: Scar operation options are geometric broken line closure known as GBLC and W-plasty. Therapy is dermabrasion. You can get rid of your unattracctive any kind of your scars such as acne scars, blemishes, strech marks etc.

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