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Premature birth

Pregnancy inherently last around nine months and ten days. Baby borns among thirtyseven and fourtytwo finished weeks of pregnancy. This is normal and full term for natural birth. In case of baby borns before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy come to mean premature birth. The baby which is borned preterm labor is called premature baby or preemie. Preterm delivery is an important and severe health trouble. A premature baby carries bigger risk on behalf of infant health problems, such as breathing difficulties, baby feeding and even death. Therefore premature baby has need of newborn intensive care unit, in short NICU immediately. NICU unit is specialized medicinal personnel and utensils that can deal with the compound problems appearanced by preemie infant.A premature baby moreover is face to face an increased danger of very last disabilities. Whar are these can be? Learning disability, mental retardation, dyslexia, behavior disorders, cerebral palsy, lung disease, vision loss, partial hearing loss, speech problems, autism! The premature baby may be at improved risk of sure adult health troubles, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart sickness. To talk about the risk factors of early labor for a woman we should ask for ourselves: Which women are under the risk of preterm birth? We can talk about three groubs of female are the biggest threat of early labor: Female who have had an earlier premature birth! Female who is gravidity with twins, triplets or extra! Female with firm uterine or cervical anomalies! No doubt that the style of life and reasons may cause a woman at bigest risk for preterm delivery. These factors are: Lack of prenatal care, using alcohol, illegal drug utilization, smoking, DES drug exposure, emotional abuse, physical or sexual domestic violence, stress-filled life, extended work time with waiting standing for a long period, environmental pollution etc. The health status indicators during pregnancy besides may raise the possibility of preterm birth.

These risks are: kidney and urinary tract disorders, sexually transmitted infections and diseases, preeclampsia, hypertension, clotting disorder, thrombophilia, diabetes mellitus, being too thin earlier than pregnancy, frequent intervals between pregnancies, fertilization in vitro, heavy vaginal bleeding, birth defect of fetus and obesity. Demographic risks are: Being below the age of seventeen or above the age of thirtyfive, low socio-economical factors and status, being Negro in other words black race. Premature babies can have medical complications such as: Respiratory distress syndrome, RDS; Apnea; Intraventricular hemorrhage,IVH; Patent ductus arteriosus, PDA; Necrotizing enterocolitis,NEC; Retinopathy of prematurity, ROP; Anemia;Chronic lung disease named bronchopulmonary dysplasia, BPD; Infections. Then, is it possible for a woman to decrease the risk factors for preterm labor? Yes! Please pay attention to visiting your health-care provider before pregnancy for seeking out usual prenatal care. Health care providers can treat pregnancy risk factors and help to lessen the possibility for preterm birth. The female who is at the childbearing age must get multivitamin folic asid in prepregnancy and during the gravidity. Having folic acid may not only reduce the danger of premature birth but get under control birth defects as brain damage or traumatic spinal cord injury of infant. The woman should not smoke, drink alcohol and take medicine previous to and throughout pregnancy. She should try to arrive at a fit weight before pregnancy whether she is underweight or overweight. The medical problems in premature infants can be sometimes prevented by an obstetrician or an experienced gynecologist. When ob/gyn suspects that a pregnant woman may preterm delivery he may advise corticosteroid treatment.Moreover the doctor may propose medical treatment named tocolytic. This kind of treatments cause birth to delay a few days but provides premature baby to have a chance to be born in a maternity hospital with NICU technique.

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