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Panic Attack

A panic attack is an unexpected event of strong alarm that develops for any clear grounds and causes someone to suffer physically or mentally. Anxiety attacks can be extremely frightening experience. As panic attacks happen you might believe you are going to lose your own control and die of a heart attack while you are suffering from palpitations. One may experience feeling of panic attacks only one to two during his/her lifetime. However, if someone has had more than a few these panic attacks can be classed in conditions of chronic status panicus known as panic disorder or chronic anxiety disorder. What are the signs of panic attack? Panic attack symptoms are: Headache, shortness of breath, heart throb, feeling of dizziness, sensation of nausea, over-sweating, trembling, impending sense of doom, fever with chills, swallowing difficulties, hyperventilation syndrome, frequent hot flushes, impending sense of death, chest complaint, abdominal cramps, lightheadedness and feeling of tightness in the chest and throat. Panic attacks characteristically start on unexpectedly and rapidly without forewarning. You cannot feel or understand when panic attack will strike. You may suddenly affect with panic while you are driving, shopping or in the middle of an official call and business meeting. Panic attack signs often hit the highest point in ten minutes and end on half-hour. You may be tired and worn-out after a traumatic crisis of panic attack. If you have a panic disorder, you may begin to live in fear for your having a panic attack so much so that you stay away from social surroundings in where they may arise. In some other cases, you may not get out of your house because of a feeling of insecurity that nowhere is safety known as agoraphobia. If you believe that you have some panic attack signs and symptoms, you might seek medical advice as soon as possible.

What are the risk factors of panic disease/panic disorder or panic attacks? Panic attack risk factors are: Being in late teenage years, being in middle age or early maturity, women, genetics means having a family history of panic disorder, stress-filled life, serious illness or death of a loved one, big lifestyle changes such as divorcement, job loss, job loss fear, be exposed to violence, changes in your life or the addition of newborn, physical or sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence period and being under a traumatic result such as an accident or rape victim. What can be the complications of panic attacks if it is left untreated? Panic attacks basis some complications which destroys your health related quality of life. The complications may be: Prevents from social conditions, avoids school life, business life, career and human relations; may eventuated in sinking deeper into depression; may cause suicide ideation; may lead to alcohol and substance abuse or may guide financial imperatives. There are several tests and exams for diagnosis of panic attacks and panic disorder. When a person seeks medical advice with panic attack symptoms, an internal diseases specialist makes a physical examination and laboratory tests firstly. Following that, a mental health adviser converses with patient about the effects of life experiences on the individual. Besides, may ask about psychological state, job and marriage problems, human relations approaches and alcohol or substance abuse. In general antidepressant medications is the safest treatment because of having a lesser amount of side effects. According to the severity of the panic attacks and the therapist may advise talk therapy or counseling known as psychotherapy. There are two types of psychotherapy for treating panic attacks or panic disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patient for developing cognitive performance about fears and panic attacks. Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps patient to focus on increasing the awareness of patient’s unaware thinking and behaviors.

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