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Natural Skin Care

The skin is the particular and largest external vital organ of the body. The word skin is known as derma, dermis and also derm in medical science. Then, how can you take care of your skin? It will be the best way for taking care of your skin with natural products and natural skin care. In general, skin kinds are separated four main types such as normal skin, dry skin, sensitive or tender skin and oily skin. Organic skin care products are a compound of roots, herbs, flowers, and essential oils. The natural skin care products from organic soap to botanic oils and sterile purified water are manufactured from botanical composition of healthy plant family and plant species. Inorganic chemical skin care or anti aging skin care products may damage your face and body skin even though they are too expensive. However, natural ingredients which come from earth and nature offer you the young-looking that you wished forever. Natural facial would not cause any skin problems like skin blemishes, skin dehydration, rash and skin eruption, acanthosis nigricans, skin breakdown, acne, flushing and allergic contact dermatitis. By contrast with the any other skin care products in the market, natural and body skin care products work with your derma perfectly and resurface your skin if you pay close attention to confirm it in truth, is a mixture of organic ingredients. The sad truth is that nearly all people just do not take care of what kind of ingredients set to work for their skin to look smooth, clean and younger. Organic facial products lessen and smooth over your wrinkles, wisdom lines, crowfoot and eyebags. First of all, you need to avoid skin products ingredient content; Mineral oil, fragrances, dioxane, parabens and alcohol. The combination of these elements makes a product unqualified and may be harmfull for your skin.

Well then, what kind of ingredients you may look for in the skin care product that you are going to buy? Have you ever heard that lack of collagen and elastin? You begin to lose collagen and elastin as expected due to aging. Through lack of collagen and elastin which are vital and fibrous proteins that have wonderful tensile strength, your skin starts to lose its firmness and flexiblty. Collagen loss causes sagging skin texture, wrinkles, forehead lines, facial lines and lines around the eyes and lip. However, for having a better and younger look, noticeably firmer, smoother, anti-wrinkle, wrinkle prevention and anti-aging skin you can prepare your own risk-free skin care compounds and products naturally at home. Today Spa centers, skin care salons and beauty shops are applying skin care products derived from nature. Some of these natural herbal ingredients for Ayurvedic skin care are: Honey, cornmeal, aloe vera, witch hazel, emu oil, almond, chestnut, avocado, grape seed oil, carrot, cocoa, clay, cucumber, castor, coconut oil, cutch tree, biloba, ginseng, ground almond, wallnut shell, ginkgo and horse chestnut family. Honey skin care: Honey is mostly used in organic skin care treatments because of being an anti-microbial, antioxidant and revitalizing damaged skin. Shea butter skin care: Known as Karite oil which is derived from the kernel of tree called Karite. It has emollient and moisturizer power. Jojoba skin care: Natural skin moisturizer like whale sebum. Although it is known as oil jojoba, it is a liquid wax which turns solid under room temperature. Algae skin care: Algae products both green algae and brown algae clean corneous cells, sebum, and take away pimples rapidly. Additionally the other herbal skin care product herbs are: Chamomile, tea tree oil, safflower oil, rose hip seed oil, beeswax, olive oil, dextroglucose, calendula, rosemary oil, neem oil and bitter almond oil.

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