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Natural childbirth

If you are planning on having a natural birth we invite you to regard what we are going to explain dearly to you. Normal birth means normal delivery or vaginal delivery in medical. Hominid line is the private kind of mammals. Females give birth to offspring this kind of mammals. Offspring means the baby in women born throughout the vagina, forceps, vacuum extraction or by caesarean section. Giving birth to an offspring through vagina is a vaginal birth. Natural birth has different terms such as: Spontaneous vaginal delivery-SVD; Assisted vaginal delivery-AVD; Instrumental vaginal delivery-IVD; Induced vaginal delivery- again IVD; Normal vaginal delivery- NVD. Birth is noteworthy and important thing in a woman’s lifetime, whether it has been come into existence because of positive or negative causes. In the recent times, normal birth is advised to women because of several affirmative reasons. Then what is natural birth? What are the positive and helpful reasons to mother and her new born baby? The World Health Organization announces that normal delivery is the excellent exception of all the other natal choices. Natural childbirth does not need any medical intervention such as obstetrical anesthesia, episiotomy or forceps. Narcotisation, anaesthetize or any other surgical methods can have negative results on the health of puerpera. Usage of surgical and medical techniques during the birthing time prevents the voluntary and involuntary bodily movements of expectant mom. In vaginal delivery pregnant woman does natural voluntary movements during intranatal to make sure the baby come into the world correctly. Infant is delivered in head down position with labor pains throughout the birth canal. The childbirth is most special and unique experience of a female during her life. Therefore women take pleasure in giving birth to their babies and wish to feel this event psychologically. After a natural childbirth women have lesser postnatal drip and postnatal pains.

Besides, following vaginal delivery women generally taste scared and sense pain during seven or ten days because of the enlarging of the birth canal. On the contrary, women who have had surgical operation felt perineal pain during a long time after birth. As to talk about physical recovery of postnatal life; normal birth of baby in arms and feeling that sense causes mother to recover quickly. Mum to be is a real mother now and the new mum feels wellbeing emotionally. Becoming a mother provides her to gain her self-confidence again. In normal birth body naturally discharge hormones endorphin and oxytocin. The duty of these hormones is to help working up a connection with new born baby. Vaginal birth or normal labour gives new mother a break to relate to her babe in arms by breast-feeding. As a first step well done breastfeeding can be done only if the mother is healthy and had not been operated. As to new born baby the first hours of its new life in the world is much important. If the new born baby has not been faced with any medical intervention or surgical operation, no doubt will be peace and quite. Natural childbirth is the best alternative to intervention. There are many ways for giving support to the mother in normal birth. Pain management methods: acupressure, hydrotherapy, breathing exercise, massage, hypnosis, relaxation therapy. Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, tens in short: Mindfulness, vocalization, water birth, visualization. Therefore, if you decide to have a baby in natural birth you should take care of getting birth education. Finally, please do not forget you can not prepare yourself natural childbirth alone. You should ask for birth support of a doula, midwife, gynecologist or obstetrician.

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