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Mesotherapy is one of the most sophisticated technologies in non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. There are two unlike kinds of mesotherapy treatment: One is classic mesotherapy, other one an updated alternate known as TMT. Classic mesotherapy is a hypodermic injection. TMT is electric stimulation therapy. TMT mesotherapy treatment is less painful and free from treatment-related side effects. In fact, mesotherapy is a non-surgical fat removal of subcutaneous fat with the injections of medications as pharmaceutical compositions and homeopathic medicines. In other words, medications as vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, amino acids and some other ingredients are rightly injected into the sub surface skin at the underlying pathology and underlying adipose tissue or fatty tissue by hypodermic injection technique. Thus, mesotherapy injections work up on fat cells. As a result of hypodermic syringe fat deposits are induced and ruptured. After then becomes lipolysis and cell death among adipocytes. Lipotherapy is somehow a kind of lipodissolving. Mesotherapy or Lipotherapy for easy fat removal without a surgical operation is a non-surgical procedure in; eliminating cellulite, promoting weight loss, providing anti-aging benefits and disqualifying localized fat deposits, adipose tissue and fatty tissue. Besides, mesotherapy treatment moistures, revitalizes, firms and tightens the skin and causes young looking.However, candidates who would have mesotherapy treatment sould not be pregnant, not be ill with epilepsy disorder and not have an artificial or cardiac pacemakerpacemaker. The cocktails of mixed chemical complexes and ingredients used in mesotherapy are: Alpha lipoic acid, aminophylline, carbon dioxide, co-enzyme cofactors, collagenase, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, dimethylnitrosamine, emphysema, gerovital, ginkgo biloba, glutathione, hyaluronidase, isoproterenol, L-arginine L-carnitine, lidocaine, lymphocytosis, melilotus, mesoglycan, multiple minerals, pentoxifylline, phosphatidylcholine, procaine, T3-T4 thyroid, tretinoine, vitamin C,vitamins multiple, yohimbine and etc. Of course, mesotherapy contains quantities of microscopic medications. All medications are choosed for the specific cases being cured.

Since mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure other than, a preferable option to cosmetic and plastic surgery. Mesotherapy is a cellulite cure and anti-cellulite treatment. This cosmetic fat removal clinical treatment make possible you to get rid of cellulite on your abdominal, arms, buttocks, face, hands, knees, legs, neck and thighs. This means young looking and having an aesthetic appearance. What happens after micro-injections of medications? Burning sensation called paresthesias lasting a quarter to twenty minutes. Minor bloating and swelling symptoms lasting one to five days. Minutely pain and soreness lasting a few days. Some skin discoloration resolving its own as soon as possible. In the contrary case, derm discoloration can be cured with laser or chemical peeling techniques. Though the needles used for mesoderm in mesotherapy treatment are very short and thin, stil a little risk of catching an infection that may be caused by the injection. Mesotherapy is not only used for breaking down subcutaneous fat, body fat, cellulitis of face, cellulitis of trunk or skin and subcutaneous fat tissues but to treat a variety of injuries and medical conditions in current use. Then, how the mesotherapia treatment has been done? Previously, therapeutic areas are identified and mapped. Especially cellulitis mapping is extremely important because most cellulitis will keep out of sight as lying down. The reserved region is cleansed with disinfectant liquid as alcohol. Later, the candidate is putted to treatment table. Lastly, micro-injections or hypodermic injection are given with sterile hypodermic needles directly into the skin and subcutaneous fat tissues. Thus.for medicinal purposes; Medicinal products such as medicinal plants, medicinal herbs, and medicinal botany are delivered straightforwardly into the mesoderm for human use. There is also another solution known as mesolift, a different form of mesotherapy, which is repeatedly prescribed in order to to revitalize the skin. Mesolift is only getting injections which are full of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Mesolift is also can make a wonderful and physically powerful effect on your skin by stimulating the nerves for creation of collagen. With the extra production of collagen your skin will revitalize and rejuvenate. Finally you will have young looking.

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