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Mammoplasty is a kind of plastic surgery for female. There are three common types of mammoplasty did on the breasts: augmentation, reduction and reconstruction. Augmentation mammoplasty is a cosmotic surgery to enlarge women”s breasts. Breast augmentation is an ordinary and widespread surgical procedure to change the shape of ladies’ breasts. Some women wish to change the appearance, size and form of their breasts. Some of them suffer their breasts are too small. Breast surgeon procedure can also be used to alter the shape of the breasts whose breasts are asymmetrical. If you are not pleased with your breasts you can consider about mammoplasty. If you are thinking having breast surgery on your breasts you should talk with a plastic surgeon about your alternatives. The cosmotic surgeon will try to explain you how the augmentation mammoplasty procedure is performed and will be able to provide a good suggestion of what you will look like afterwards. The patients who wishes to have augmentation mammoplasty shold know their concerns and expectations. Besides these patients should’nt have unrealistic expectations. Generally healty younger women are the best candidates for a breast augmentation.

In plain words, plastic surgeon performs mammoplasty augmentation by opening a space under the breast tissue. Sometimes breast augmentation is performed by creating a space under the pectoralis major muscle. Then a silicone rubber coated implant is placed within that space. The space is reached through a small incision under the breast: sometimes around the areola means nipple area; sometimes the axilla means arm pit; sometimes the umbilicus means belly button. Breast augmentation performed by placing in implants filled with silicone into the breast. But today the implants are filled with a saline solution or silicone gel. Saline is a kind of salt water solution. The whole procedures breast surgery contains advantages and disadvantages. Therefore patient who wants to have cosmotic surgery or mammoplasty should prefer to decide this operation with a surgeon. The doctor and the patient can decide together for plastic surgery and results. what is the best option for you. Augmentation mammoplasty can be performed at a private clinics. However if your health insurance pays for the surgery then it may be done in a hospital. A breast augmentation practice can give a more normal, satisfying appearance to females. Most of women want to have well shaped and proportioned breasts.

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