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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic and plastic surgery of reconfiguring the lip both the upper and lower parts to enlarge and volume. Cosmetic lip surgery is performed by opening a tiny incision underneath the nose and let remove the excess skin from the upper lip to this area.You can wish because of several reasons to get better looking of your lips. You may desire oftenly to regain your sexual confidence and self-confidence by getting plump your small and thin lips or reducing your thick and prominent lips. You may also want to get rid of your wrinkles about your lips and pucker. On the other hand, you may hope for your lips much more aesthetical and fuller appearance on your face. Lip augmentation undoubtedly helps to improve your image enhancement but not performs miracles! Therefore before undergoing an operation of lip enhancement you should be really realistic about post-surgical results. Cheiloplasty needs healthy candidates! If you have: Chronic cold sores, lupus, diabetes, lip lesions, lip scars, lesion density, lesion depth, blood clotting, coagulopathy, bleeding disorder, smoke consumer, allergenic structure, non-tolerated drug frame, allergic reaction to anesthesia, then you must think about for lip aesthetic operation once again and once more again! These admonitory words do not mean you can not have cosmetic lip surgery. The lip aesthetic surgery can be provided however that after you decide on your plastic surgeon you should discuss the before mentioned points to take into account during and after the cheiloplasty. In other words, the lip aesthetician must be kept informed about his or her patient’s medical history in an attempt to minimize the complication risks. Lip enhancement surgery is an outpatient surgery and needs having outpatient treatment for all kinds of lips such as thin lips, thick lips or prominent lips.Hereat operation is generally performed on an outpatient surgery in your doctor’s office or outpatient clinic, outpatient center.

Your doctor will most probably prefer putting out local anesthesia for injection. There are several types of injections for cheiloplasty. Injection types are: Artecoll, synthetic injection; Autologen, injection of another part of your body’s collagen extract; Collagen, injection of a cows’ body collagen extract; Dermalogen, injection of deceased human donor collagen extract; Fascia, injection of particular type of connective tissue from your body or a deceased human donor; Fat, injection of from your own abdomen or thighs; Hylaform, injection of hyaluronic acid new active substance delivered from a normal body; Restylane, injection of a plain gel containing hyaluronic acid. As to talk about lip implants and enchancement surgeries for lips you can be informed about the options. Alloderm is a leaf of collagen formed from dead persons. The surgeon opens small incisions in the interior part of the lips and places in alloderm. Fat Grafting is the surgical technique of putting in your own fat by inserting into your lips for having hoped fullness and plumpness. Goretex, SoftForm, SoftePTFE methods can not be permanent solutions beause of being used synthetic materials. Local flap grafts is a cosmetic surgical system that operates skin and connective tissue by oral surgical procedures from the inside flap of your mouth. Recovery or post operative care of surgical implants or grafts and cheiloplasty can occupy two or three weeks behind the surgery. You should take time off work and not exercise during this period. You should not exercise. You should compress ice and apply ointment such as gel, balm and cream on your lips as suggested by your surgeon. Try not to talk on the telephone. Please to eating soft kind of foods which do not need chewing such as yoghourt, oatmeal, warm soup, pudding etc. Finally, you must call your plastic sergeon without any delay if: you feel fever or excess swelling or oedema on your lips or anywhere of your face.

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