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Late Menses

“Am I pregnant!?” Nothing startles a woman out of her mind like a delayed menstrual cycle and such a question if not she is falling over herself to become pregnant. Pregnancy is the first thing come to mind when a teen girl’s or woman’s menses is delayed. However, pregnancy may not be the only cause for female to have a late menstruation. There may be a lot of different unknown ordinary reasons for a missed or delayed period. Free from any doubt, in case of missing out on a menstrual cycle the first thing you need to do is having a pregnancy test. An indisputable truth is that if you do not get pregnant on purpose you should get an appointment from your midwife or gynaecologist without wasting time. The first pregnancy test result may be negative and you may be asked for a retest for the following week. “What to do next?” is an open ended question, if the second pregnancy test result comes out negative. This means you are not pregnant but you are unable to get your period. In such circumstances, you may be asked for a physical exam and adviced prescription drug to make your tardy menstruation bleed easier. Then, you begin to ask youlserf the followin questions: “Why is my menses delayed?”.” What may give cause for my absence of menstruation if I am certainly not pregnant?”. There may be some other different reasons for amenorrhea. Stress: Being under a lot of stress or stress-filled life cause to reduce the discharged hormone known as GnRH in our bodies. As a result of lack of GnRH hormone our bodies have great difficulty in ovulating and menstruating. In order to get back your period schedule you can try to learn stress management. Illness: A sudden illness or long lasting disease may be the reason of late period. This is commonly passing situations.

Change in menstruation schedules: If you are working in relays your body’s rhytm may get off course. Drug-related adverse effects: Medication or change in drug thrapy may cause delayed menstrual because of their side effects. Besides, being on the birth control pills or contraceptive pills may reason delayed menses. Breast feeding duration: If you are a beast feeding mother delayed menstruation or amenorrhea is possible during breast feeding period. However, this not means you fall pregnant again. For, ovulation may happen without menses while you are breat feeding. Being overweight and obese women: Having an overweight problem causes hormonal changes and hormonal dysfunctions or going through early menopause. Most overweight teen girls and women can return back to their routine menstrual cycles and fertility with the loss of some pounds. Being underweight: Not having an adequate weight and body fat may be the reason of hormonal changes and hormonal disorders or going through early menopause. Most underweight teen girls and women can return back to their routine menstrual cycles and fertility with the gain of some pounds. Miscalculation or wrong calculation: Although standard menstrual cycle is twenty eight days long, that may be vary from woman to woman. Especially, those who have menstrual irregularities may mistake in calculating their menses schedule. In such cases, you may expect for your menses two weeks later after your ovulation period. Perimenopause or premenopausal period: Period of menopause involves two stages which are known as premenopausal named perimenopause and postmenopause. Going through menopause for women is a period of transition from reproductive age group to a non-reproductive age group. Menstrual irregularities as more frequent, less frequent, light or excessive bleeding in premenopausal period is natural. Finally, thyroid diseases, polycystic ovarian syndrome, eating disorders as anorexia or bulimia may cause amenorrhea.

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