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Please look at the photograph. This man and this woman are cousins. However, in the same time they are a couple which means husband and wife known as cross-cousin marriage. In other words, they are relative, friends and family. Endogamy means consanguineous marriage or marriage between relatives. Endogamy is a word expressing the traditions in certain part of civilizations forbidding its citizens from getting married out of their public and culture. Those who are the members of these societies are not permitted to get married with anyone whom is not affiliated with their own social units. In fact, relative marriages are the oldest organization forms of traditional culture experienced by nomadic societies, tribal societies, primitive societies, and even by courtly societies in ancient civilizations. Why these marriages were approved for? Consanguineous marriages is supported because of the reasons such as caste system, occupational grouping, age grouping, social and economic effects, fortune, property, religious grouping, genealogical tree, genealogical descent, social class, social economic class politics, continuing one’s lineage and royalty. Therefore, over time intermarriage has become a taboo in some societies. This tradition still continues today in some societies. There are two dominated opposing ideas about consanguineous marriages. The first one is the advantages of intermarriage. What are the advantages of endogamy? Some claim and accept that relative marriages are healthy relationships and healthy marriage communities because of continuing purity in bloodline. They believe that if a marriage has been performed with someone out of family with unknown genetic codes, this may cause unknown genetic effects and genetic risk factors or genetic mutation. The second one is the disadvantages of endogamy. What are the disadvantages of consanguineous marriage? Proponents of this thesis suppose that intermarriage encourages incest relationship.

Besides, they declare that inbreeding is similarly to ground genetic degeneration and hereditary mutation in the course of time. Some other sociologists yet continue to argue and discuss for racial purity known as pure race. They insist on marriages between races will cause the best genetic codes of parents to be transferred to baby and it will be superior to both. Thus, the human race will have reached his best as supergene, race and genetic superiority. Unfortunately kin marriages have been yet in modern age in some societies. The marrying of one’s daughter or son to a family member is accepted as an income of the riches of the family within the family. Besides, it is thought that relative marriage moderates the risk of marrying wholly unfamiliar someone else outside of family known as exogamy. However, the children of intermarriages are at high risk of genetic disorders. Even as the risk may be slightly increased with the primary age group to be born from such a connection the risk raises with every marriage. What are these genetic disorders? Some of these babies are born with birth defects. What a pity some other babies die in the uterus or in early babyhood. The consanguineous marriages cause genetic mutations in fetus, infant, newborn and baby. Genetic defects in these babies may be as physical deformities, blindness, heart disease, perinatal mortality, mental retardation, deafness, stammer, deaf and dumb. Consanguineously married women have a lot of miscarriages, stillbirths and stillborn child. Relative marriages reasons cruel defects such as heart, kidney and liver function disorders. Hereditary disease of these babies may be cleft lip or false clubfoot. Blood relative marriages have another important genetic problem known as recessive conditions. If both wife and husband carry a recessive gene reproduce, their baby would have a great chance recessive gene disorder or a second chance of becoming carriers family tree and pedigree. Finally, exogamy should be preferred to endogamy.

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