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Infertility means can not be having a baby for both male and female. Female infertility means to be unable to get pregnant or inability to conceive. Mail infertility means lack of fertilizing female eggs. Then, who must be accepted as infertile man or women? The first category is the couples who have not get pregnant at least one year of non-precaution sex or unprotected sexual intercourse. The second category is the couples who have been conceive a baby at least once but at the same time never again. Infertility problems can occured both emotional and physical factors. Female infertility take place because of several reasons: Lack of ovary egg producing. The fertilized egg as known embryo can not survive and adheres or hang on the wall of the womb. The egg can not comlete embryo formation and move to the wall of uterus. The female infertility causes may happen: Chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases like antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, APS; Clotting disorder; Tumour or cancer; Diabetes type 1 and 2; symptomatic fibroids and polyp of cervix uteri; Birth defects such as lack of reproductive functions; Diet disorders and having poor nutrition; Obesity; Non being women in reproductive age group; Thyroid disorders; Polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS, fetal ovarian cysts, ovarian cysts; Pelvic inflammatory disease, PID; Using too much alcohol; Heavy exercise; Being in given certain such as chemotherapy medicions; Having sexually transmitted infection and endometriosis; Hormonal disorder! Male infertility can arise from the following factors. Lack of sperm production; Falled off sperm count, oligospermia; Sperm-ovum interactions; Blocked sperm far to being released; Sperm cell disorders!

The male infertility excuses may come about: Birth defects; Impotence of organic origin, anal impotence, psychic impotence; Old age; Premature ejaculation problem; Smoking; Long lasting inflammatory disease such as epidemic parotitis throughout older ages; Lower or excess hormons; Cancer; Chemotherapy; Radiation; Having marijuana or cocaine; Drinking too much alcohol; Certain drug usage; Sexually transmitted diseases; Environmental pollutants! Major symptom of infertility is the inability of becoming pregnant in female or both for partners. It is important to find out the specific symptom that causes the infertility. Infertility can make emotional complications and create affective disorder on couples. The emotional breakdown may cause marriage problems because wife and husband together may be in depression and anxiety. Therefore it will be the best choice for partners receiving a treatment of health care provider. Clinical tests for infertility take in a full medical and physical background of both couples.Medical tests in women may consist of: Hormone test, Blood test, Body temperature control; Pelvic and uterus ultrasound; Thyroid function test; Hysterosalpingography test; Ovulation period test; Laparoscopy! Clinical tests in men may incorporate: Sperm production check; Testicular dysfunction check! As a conclusion infertility treatment depends on the result of infertility causes. Infertility treatment may occupy: The partners may be advised and educated; intrauterine insemination, IUI can be treated; In vitro fertilization, IVF can experienced; Medication may be preferred in order to treat clotting disorders or infections; Female may be medicated in an effort to grow and release eggs from the ovary! Additionally, the partners can increase their chances of getting pregnant every month by making love and having sex at least every three days before and during ovulation. The couples specially try to have sex seventytwo hours before the beginning of ovulation. Finally, male and female must prevent themselves sexually transmitted infections in short STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia trachomatis and chlamydia psittaci infection!

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