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How to prevent hair loss

Hair loss known as alopecia may happen at any age mostly on the head but sometimes it may as well occur on other parts of our bodies. It is always hard to understand hair loss causes. However, general opinion in hair loss reasons is aging, genetics, stress and poor diet. There are several kinds of hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia, toxic alopecia, alopecia areata, Alopecia universalis or totalis, trichotillomania and scarring alopecia. In the meantime, there are quite a lot of ways to avoid hair loss. Then, how can you take care of your hair or how can you stop your hair loss? If you wish your hair last longer and abundant, try to dry your hair naturally instead of drying it with heat. Hair dryers, hot hair balls, hot hair curlers, curling irons, curling tongs, hair straighteners, hot brushes and hot combs cause brittleness, fragility and hair follicles protein loss that lead hair loss. Prefer to dye root of your hair rather than dyeing full. Some kind of strong hairpins and hair fasteners reasons hairloss. Do not tight your hair for a long time. Do not use hairstyles as knots, upswepts, buns, ponytails, cornrows and plaits all day long. Avoid layer cuts! Pay attention to choose a mild or organic shampoo while you go to wash hair. Avoid using chemical hair products. Keep away from brushing wet hair. If you must brush watery hair avoid using fine-toothed comb. From time to time, try to alter your hair care products. You should get adequate sleep for your hair health. Routine exercise, physical activity and getting some fresh air cause healthy hair due to the abundance of oxygen in it. Stress management and getting stress under control is an important subject for hair health. Since, stressful situations cause hair loss. No doubt before having healthy hair, you should have healthy body.

A healthy diet and adequate and balanced nutrition prevents hair loss. Then, what kind of essential vitamins and minerals slows or stops hair loss? Iron is a basic mineral for healthy hair. Foods sources of iron in your diet may be: beef, beans, liver, green-leafy vegetables, fish, pork, cereal products, and pumpkin seeds. Protein is also fundamental prerequisite for abundant hair. Foods sources of protein are: beans, eggs, sea food, milk, cheese, poultry products, beef, yoghourt, tenderloin, broccoli, whole wheat bread, tempeh, peanut butter, soy, brown rice, all kinds of lentils, nuts, potatoes, tofu and quinoa. You should take in vitamin C foods in your diet because this vitamin causes iron absorption. Foods sources of vitamin C are: Oranges, salad ingredients, tomatoes, green-leafy vegetables, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin. Natural and organic omega-3-fatty acids preserve your hair dryness and brittleness. Foods sources of omega-3-fatty acids are: tuna fish, flaxseeds, mackerel, walnuts and salmon. A kind of vitamin B known as biotin is too important for hair health. Foods sources of Biotin are: Wheat, cracked wheat, sunflower seeds, walnuts, soys, brewer’s yeast and all sorts of lentils. Dietary zinc deficiency can cause hair loss. Zinc-bearing foods are: Beef, turkey, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter and oysters. Sometimes, unwitting bad eating habits prevents hair growth and supports hair loss. Some of those wrong feeding habits are: low-calorie diets bring about hair loss. Beware eating raw eggs especially raw egg whites. The raw egg whites known as albumen has a a substance which prevents biotin absorption. You can take your medical practitioner advice for using supplements including biotin, inositol, iron and vitamin C. You should choose high quality and organic hair care products or hair growth products. In case of using natural hair care products or organic shampoos with natural ingredients may please your hair. Head massage can help keep your head hairy by increasing the blood flow to the scalp.

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