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How to make up

Applying make up is generally used to change the appearance of face and body. Teen girl and women make up styles must be differed to each other. However both should care for natural making up. Teen girl should prefer pale colored cosmetics and makeup products. The whole of these makeup cosmetics and makeup products come in form as powder, liquid, cream or gel in the markets. Many of them are waterproof too. Cosmetic industry produces various kinds of cosmetics for male, female, teenage even if for babies. There are basically two kinds of cosmetics: Skin-care and make-up cosmetics. Skincare cosmetics are skin creams, lotions, moisturizers, hair care products, eye contour care creams, face masks, bath oils, bath gels, bath salts, special bath soaps, deodorants, antibacterial products, hand and body sanitizers, makeup remover etc. Make up cosmetics are: Concealer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, powder, cake powder, brush, mascara, eyeliner, mascara, eyelash curler, eyelash tweezer or eyelash brush, lip gloss, plumping gloss, lip plumper, perfume, lipstick, fingernail polish, nail polish remover, hair spray, gel, hair color, colored contact lenses, lip balm, lip liner, lip conditioner, eyelids, eyebrow pencils etc. Women applying make up means being at her best and giving the impression of being healthier and younger. There are many kind of make up such as: Day makeup, night makeup, bride makeup, wedding makeup, theatrical makeup etc. Makeup of any kind should not be makeover. This has a tendency to give a noisy and cheerful look. How to do make up is a skill to be taught. Applying make up should please to the eye and should give your face a happiness and pureness to your face in appearance. After application of make up teenage or women should have a natural look. In order to doing such style of makeup depends on to your skin tone and your cosmetic product choice according to your skin.

Then, how to apply make up for looking original and natural? Use shades that match up with your natural skin tone. Ensure your form and look is bright and plain. Do not put in any other color while you are applying concealer or foundation to your face and try to prefer the correct tone when you are buying it. Try to choose the blush to rouge with the nature of your cheeks. For doing your eye makeup please take care of using your eye shadow in natural earthy colors or tints. Do not prefer lurid and loud colors whether you are light skinned or swarthy. For protecting your skin aging and feeling good during the day prefer to use qualified make up products including SPF. Besides may be you can decide on putting on your make up with water-based products and water-based cosmetics. Keep away from chemical skin care products and makeup products. For overcoming dark-circles and making eye contour blemish-free you can use a light concealer. May be you prefer to put powder on in powder form or cake powder. Then you can look for organic transparent powder that is rich in minerals or vitamin complex such as vitamin a and vitamin e. Do not forget combing your brows with a flexible brush. You can use eyelash curler, eyelash tweezer or eyelash brush to form your lashes. You can apply some eyeliner or mascara above each lash softly once, not twice. For applying lipstick or gloss a light touch is enough. Sometimes, you can put on lip plumper in a light and natural tone. Finally, please do not get out of your mind that: Even though you do the best makeup and look well you have never been noticeable with uncombed hair, mop and shock. Besides always remove your makeup at night before going to bed.

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