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How to choose perfume

Perfume is a combination of fragrances. Perfume generally is made of mixing organic and synthetic fragrances. The mixture of these fragrances creates an enjoyable aroma. Perfume fragrances are made of not only for persons but in air fresheners for houses or cars. Perfume mixture design is a skill and knowledge of science. When you odor a perfume, your brain tests about the origin of the scent. There are two kinds of perfume which is designed for men or women: Naturel or organic perfume and synthetic perfume. Perfume designers have categorized perfume fragrances or perfume scents into eight unlike categories. Floral perfumes: are the fragrances of a single flower or a bouquet of flowers. Chypre perfumes: are the scents of bergamot, patchouli, jasmine, common laburnum, rose and oak moss. Oriental perfumes: amber perfumery is the odours of camphoric oils, exotic spices, foreign flowers, sandalwood and resins. Fruit perfumes: are the smells of citrus fruits such as lemon, melon, lime, orange, grape and tangerine. Woody perfumes: are the aromas of green fragrances or natural woods like lavender, patchouli, sour apple, sandalwood and grass. Leather perfumes: men’s perfumery is made of the scents of aromatic wood, honey and tobacco. Fougére perfume: aromatic masculine cologne is the aura of woody and herbs. Ocean perfumery: synthetic design by designers’ odors fresh ocean water. Then how to choose perfume for yourself? The male and female should choose their perfumery according to their hair and skin type. Besides men and women may select perfume or odour they love and wish to put on themselves. Scent should follow person’s intuition, taste and personality. Don’t insist on buying the best-known brand of perfumery because it may not adopt to your skin. When you go to buy your perfume do not dab on any other perfume. Please spray the parfume on clean skin.

When you are choosing your scent test maximum three perfume tester because your nose may not be able to distinguish more fragrances. If you catched cold and or you are deadly tired please put off your choice another time. You should test scent on your skin but not on the piece of paper. When you wear perfume tester on your skin, pass the time thirty or fourty seconds until alcohol disappears. If you previously make your mind up which perfume to prefer please pay money for the smallest perfume bottle. Because perfume aroma may alter and spoil if you don’t put on parfume. The occupany of perfumery is more often than not three years. More information about colognes and fragrances: ıt will be beter for young men and women or teen boys and teen girls choosing green perfumery rather than oriental scents. Both male and female should spray light odours in daylight. On the contary for the evening meetings, for observance of the special dates or celebrations you should perfume heavier, more affective kind of fragrances. Choosing the right and corrrect scent in summer is too important. Summertime colognes should be fresh perfumery which are refreshing ones. Meanwhile atractive, charming and highly spiced fragrances be choosed in winter. You can find and test perfume that you wish to choose in fragrance markets. Choosing your scent firstly know that what kind of aroma you like. Secondly please pay attention both perfume’s botanical chemistry and your own physical chemistry and chemistry model of your skin. Finally dry skin won’t holds on to perfume very long time. From this standpoint, dry skin may need a more complex formulated scent. However oily skin saves scent extended period of time. Oily skin may need softer fragrances.

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