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Head Aches

What is a headache? Sometimes people suffer from pain in some region of their heads. Aches may come about on one or both sides of the skull or temporal region. You may get a headache by degrees or unexpectedly. At the beginning one point may be in pain. Then pain gradually radiates across the skull and neck from there. Headaches may be dull, mild, severe or sharp. Pain may last less than an hour or for quite a few days. Constitutively there are three kinds of headaches: Primary headaches, secondary headaches and cranial neuralgias. Cluster headaches, migraine headaches, tension and tension-type headaches are primary headaches. Primary headaches can have an effect on the health related quality of life but they are not safety-critical aches. Cluster headaches are rarely experienced. However migraine and tension headaches are the most common types of primary headaches. In general men suffer from cluster type of headaches rather than women and children. Adults, children and adolescents most commonly suffer from migraine headaches especially before puberty. Those who are adult male and female have had tension headaches in their lifetime at least once. In adulthood stage women get migraine and tension headaches rather than men. Although tension headaches are the most often happening type of primary headaches their reason is unknown. The most main reason may be muscular contraction of the muscles that cover up the head. Tension headaches may arise because of both physical and emotional stress. When a person is under stress the muscles of skull may go into spasm and root ache. Secondary headaches are most often signs and symptoms of a serious disease. The reasons of secondary headaches may be: 1- Arterial ruptures in carotid artery or vertebral artery. 2- Bleeding or blood clot in the brain known as severe venous thrombosis. 3- Brain artery swelling known as brain or cerebral aneurysm.

4- Brain or brain stem tumors named brain neoplasms and brain stem neoplasm.5- Abnormality in the formation of brain veins. In medical term it is known as arteriovenous malformation or arteriovenous malformation of cerebral vessels in short AVM. 6- Carbon monoxide poisoning. 7- Chiari malformation, skull structural problems. 8- Concussion of the brain. 9- Encephalitis and brainstem encephalitis, brain or brain stem inflammation.10- Giant cell arteritis, artery wall inflammation. 11- A desease named glaucoma. 12- Flu or influenza. 13- Ruptures in brain veins called intracranial hematoma. 14- Drug therapy problems. 15- Meningitis, inflammation of the brain membranes or cerebrospinal fluid in short CSF. 16- Monosodium glutamate in short MSG. 17- Analgesic overconsumption. 18- Postconcussion syndrome. 19- Being under the pressure of tight-fitting dressese and materials as goggles or helmets. 20- Idiopathic pseudotumor cerebri, excess pressure in the skull. 21- Sinusitis, inflammation of sinuses. 22- Stroke. 23- Trigeminal neuralgia, deformation of facial nerves which are connected to brain. All-cause secondary headaches are classified according to their specific types. The specific types of secondary headaches are: External compression headaches, ice cream headaches, rebound headaches, spinal headaches and thunderclap headaches. The prodromes of a serious illness in secondary headaches include: Uncertainty or misunderstanding speech, lightheadedness fainting, high fever, feeling of paralysis on any part of body, neck stiffness, difficulty in seeing, speaking and walking or nausea and vomiting. In case of having a headache accompanied by symptoms classified as major trauma hereby one should immediately go to an emergency care unit of a hospital. There are some other kinds of headaches such as cranial neuralgias or facial pains. However, these pains are not severe aches. The nerves in the skull or upper neck cause these type of pains. For any reason, these nerves get infected or inflamed. The pain in nerves known as neuralgias is felt in the head as headaches.

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