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Hair Care

A well-groomed lady term means a teen girl, a young girl or a woman who has well-groomed hair on her head. Hair requires a hygienic and cosmetic haircare procedure to be healthier and seem better. Every sort of hair does not look like to each other. Therefore hair care techniques and styles can differ from each other according to hair types and hair care products which can be applied to hair. In case of neglecting to do general hair care or primary hair care can cause unintended consequences such as hair fractures, hair frizzies, hair mat, hair fuzziness, hair splits, thin, tacky, shock, dull colored and lank hair or hair loss known as alopecia. Then, how should hair care? In general terms, for general hair care please: Be cool under stress; Do not smoke; Exercise in routine; Keep balanced diet; Get enough sleep!  For primary hair care please: Preserve your hair from swimmig-pools’ chlorinated water with a bonnet or cap. If you are unwilling to place a hat then wet your hair with soft water before entering the pool or shampoo it right after going out through the swimming pool. Be carefull not use hair styling products which contains alcohol because these kind of products dries your hair and hair follicle oils. In order not to seal off the pores of your head skin avoid applying hair styling pruducts straightly on your scalp. After bath try to towell your hair and let the remaining wetness to dry naturally. However, if you need to blow-dry your hair then, use the hair dryer on the cool setting. Besides, do not keep the hair dryer at the same point. The hair dryer must be in a reasonable distance away from your hair and should be kept movig during the blow-drying. The reason for this is that hot air damages hair and hair follicles.

Do not comb or brush your hair while it is damp because it is too fragile as it is wet which means brushing may cause hair splitting. It will be better to use flexable, soft and widely spaced bristle brush which is made from natural or organic animal hair. You had best comb your hair before brushing it not to lead it any mob, tangle or shock. No doubt, your hairbrush and haircomb must be washed per a week with soap or shampoo. Try not to bath or shower with hot water. Of course, persons would have clean hair but you should notice the fact that: if your hair is dry, do not wash it more than two or three times a week. But if your hair is oily then wash it daily or every second days. Another important issue is to choose the best matching and compatible hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, lacquer, mousse, hairspray, hair cream, hair gel, hair care oils, hair dye and hair lotion, to your hair type. Shampooing takes and washes away your dead scalp cells, excess hair oils, grime and other dirt. In order to provide your hair an extra protection and a bright, shiny and sleek looking you may condition it with a conditioner after shampooing. Besides, conditioner hydrates and moisturizes your sheet and strand. As to dandruff! Dandruff is just ecdysesing slough cuticle from your head. In fact, every person has dandruff and shedding on their head epiderm to some degree. However, if dandruff in hair is too strong it becomes an itchy and inflammatory skin disorder. Dandruff is most widespread in groups with oily hair. If you have dandruff on your scalp, you can control and treat it by using gentle shampoo kinds because there is not dandruff treatment and cure yet. An anti-dandruff shampoo or dandruff condition may help you for getting rid of your dandruff. In order to prevent dandruff you may experience different shampoos as dandruff shampoo, herbal essence shampoo, conditioning shampoo, moisturizing shampoo or herbal hair shampoo.

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