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Fainting is a state of unconsciousness for quite a while. Vasovagal syncope causes fainting. Faintness or blackout appears when your body gives overreaction to trigger incidents. For example those who can’t stand the sight of blood may faint at the sight of blood. Besides, people who are in severe exciting distress or are in fear and trembling may lose their consciousness for a brief period. There are some people that the external trigger factors most commonly result in vasovagal syncope for them. How is faintness or syncope come into existence? In the face of great danger or active triggering cause sudden heart rate variability in short HRV. Unexpected and sharp heart rate decreasing cause the pulse and blood pressure values to drop. Sharp and severe hypotension reasons cerebral blood flow to go down. In such exceptional circumstances may end in fainting. Vasovagal syncope typically is not an unhealthful condition and needs no cure. But, a vasovagal syncope episode may lead you to fall down and injure yourself. Still, consulting a doctor for treatment of fainting is releated to how often you experience it. For, sometimes syncope may be a sign of heart or brain diseases. Before a faint due to vasovagal syncope, an individual may go through some of the next:  1- Skin color fading and discolouration. 2- Dizziness and vertigo. 3- Fade in field of vision such as double vision or tunnel vision. 4- Nausea due to hypotension. 5- Feeling uncomfortably warm. 6- Mood of breaking out in a cold sweat.

7- Feeling of the blood is drained. Although fainting can come about of all ages and sex, vasovagal syncope episodes in elderly population may have essential causes. The precipitating causes for vasovagal syncope or fainting are: 1- Long term staying up all daytime or nighttime. 2- Prolonged exposure to heat or overstaying sun exposure. 3- Can’t stand the sight of blood. 4- Getting one’s blood drawn or being a blood donor. 5- Being in a blue funk or being terrified of something. 6- Being in a position or atmosphere which creates tension. 7- Structural strain because of an injury or deseases. What you should do if you are aware of you might lose your consciousness and go weak at the knees? If the person is breathing please try to: Lie down wherever you are. Lift up your legs while you are lying down. If you are unable to do it, try to sit down with putting your head between your knees. You must wait in this position until you feel better. How can you render first aid if somebody else faints? First of all position him/her on his/her back. At your earliest convenience lift the unconscious person’s legs above his/her hearth level. Then loosen up collar studs, belt buckles and tight-fitting other materials. When unconscious person regains his/her consciousness in order to prevent fainting again get him/her up within a reasonable time. However if the person lacks in regaining his/her consciousness withen one to two minutes call for immediate support services.

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