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Facial Mask

A facial is a system consisting of various spa skin treatment techniques. These skin development techniques may be: Extration, chemical peeling, exfoliation, steam bath, vapour cure, facial massage and face skin care masks. A facial mask is too often full of essential oils, vitamins, minerals and herb, plant, fruit or flower extracts. Skin care mask types are separated for unlike reasons: Pores deep cleansing, curing acne scars, skin tone brightening and cutaneous hyperpigmentation. Plaster facial mask is usually used for the purposes of drying or solidifying on the face. Skin mask treatment procure rejuvenating, repairing, renewing or refreshing. In fact, you can make your own hydrating masks and scrubs by using basic ingredients. By this way, you save a bundle on skin care masks and products. The basic principles for balancing out skin types are:  For acne-prone or oily skin; Clay or mud based masks. For dry skin; Oils, glycerin or honey based masks. For sensitive skin gren tea or ginseng based masks. For all type of skins the one and only basic prinsible are scrubs for getting rid of the dead skin. Here are some basic at-home facial mask recipes for all skin types. Egg and Yoghourt Facial Mask, soothing and moisturizing: Mix up two egg whites and two tablespoons of pure yogurt in a bowl and apply to your face. Leave on face four or five minutes then wash your face in warm water.  Yoghourt and Oatmeal Mask, cleansing and revitalizing:  Mix one tablespoon natural yoghourt to one tablespoon oatmeal. Then warm a spoon with hot water or steam and put in only some drops of honey into the warm spoon. Blend the soft honey into the oatmeal-yogurt mixture. After applying it, leave the mask on your face ten minutes. Please rinse off with quite a lot of splashes of warm water.

Clay Mask, Mix up one and a half teaspoon green clay and half teaspoon kaolin clay together. Please add one and a half tablespoon aloe vera gel, one tablespoon rosewater and two drops rose essential oil in this mixture. Apply the mask on your face fifteen or twenty minutes. This face mask can be refrigerated for up to four weeks. Facial Mask for pale or ashy skin, clearing up clogged pores: Stir two tablespoon sugar into three tablespoon sterile purified warm water. Let the sugar melt in the water such that crystals must be dissolved. Followingly apply liquid sugar to the face by massaging kindly around the skin. Wash with warm water. For Oily Skin Banana Mask, Sooting skin care mask: Blend one banana and one tablespoon honey in a bowl. Put in this blending only some drops of lemon or orange juice. Apply your face derm for tweny minutes. Finally, rinse off with a cool washcloth. Avocado Mask for chapped, dry, wrinkled and mature-looking skin, classic moisturizing: Make creamy half of a natural and fresh avocado by pulping in a cup. Mix one fourth cup honey in it. Stay it on your face ten or fifteen minutes. Wash with cold water. Strawberry Mask, Mask for skin treatment, Mask for clearing up acne, skin rash, heat rash and pimple: Mash a quarter cup of fresh strawberries up with one quarter cup yoghurt or cream sour. Please lay on face and then rinse after fifteen minutes. This mask is a salicylic acid formula. Acne-Prone Skin Mask, Oily Skin Mask, Simply apply one bottle of non-flavored milk on face. Rinse with cool water after twenty minutes later. Juice Mask, oily skin mask: Please mash in a bowl one teaspoon lemon juice, only whites of two eggs but not yolk, three teaspoon honey, one cup strawberries and four drops of your favorite essential oils. Spread this ingredient mix over face. Let it stay fifteen minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

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