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Dry skin care

Dry skin medically means xeroderma. What causes our skin to lose its moisture and dry out? Detergent, hot bathing, sunlight, washing powder, a little medication, harsh and unkind soaps, washing up liquids happen skin dry. On the other hand lack of vitamin A, vitamin D, may be the reasons of dry skin. Xeroderma is a wintrier difficulty because of rate of humidity alterations suddenly. During the winter months when we are outside the whether is too cold. As soon as we come inside we meet a wave of heat wave. This rapid slump and spurt temperature changes occasioned skin to dry too. Sometimes choline inhibitors cause skin dry. Dry skin can lead to look bad for both men and women. In these premises, dry skin loses its normal color and becomes worse after a short time if not treated. Then how can we pay attention to sensitive facial care and skincare? How can we avoid scratching and cracking dry or sensitive skin? If you prefer ayurvedic medicine, ayurvedic skin products or herbal skin products and cosmetics then you can use herbs and plants such as aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant restocks the dry skin by giving the essential nutrients and hydration it needs. Its nectar is used in messaging the sensitive skin. You can find all kinds of aloe vera skin products, aloe vera nutrition on the market. Apple is a kind of fruit containing vitamin potassium and vitamin tannin. Potassium and tannin are both essential to keep the dry skin fit and healthy. Apple not simply repairs the waterlessness of the skin, but besides causes it appears bright and shiny. You can eat apple as a fruit whenever you wish. Besides you can find various kinds of skin products rich in fruit nectar, apple juice, apple nutrition and apple tablets on the market.

Yet another selection to cure and fight with a dry and sensitive skin is cucumber. If you have facial skin dryness cucumber juice supplies water to your face and cooling sensitive skin decreases its aridness. You can also find cucumber nutrition and cucumber skin care products on the markets too. To struggle against dry skin herbal oils can be massaged on the face and body skin such as almond, avocado and olive oils. Mixture of honey and rose water can be applied as a facial mask. Do not forget drinking eight or nine glasses of water daily. The water should be warm but not cold. Additionally please be conscious of items making the skin drier such as cigarette, caffeine, alcohol. Try to use mineral water for your face instead of city or tap water. Municipal water damages the all kinds of skin types whether it’s oily, dry or sensitive because of chloride ions in it. The dermatologists and cosmeticians advice for sensitive and dry skin treatment: Try to buy nonalcoholic daily facial cleanser. Choose organic, olive oil, herbal or ayuverdic facial moisturizers. You can apply facial masks containing hydration and herbal oils. Take care of using sun protection facial creams. Giving permission your skin to dry out and crack means you show the cruel bacteria a way in. Be careful not to wearing itchy clothing! Keep away longtime and very hot showers! The patients who are taking medicines for hypothyroidism, malnutrition, psoriasis and diabetes come face to face with skin dryness. Genetic factors can dry out your skin too. You can not see your skin dry out but you can deeply feel it most often on the arm, hand, lower leg, and abdomen. It will be a great mistake to apply moisturizer on sensitive and dried skin. Finally please note that the moisturizer should have to be put on sensitive skin while it is damp yet!

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