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Anxiety is to get in a bad mood both in physiological and psychological conditions. Anxiety is also known as angst and worry. In fact, most of us feel anxiety in our lifetimes periodically. However, when anxiety disorder becomes excessive, it is classified as depression. Depressive disorder is a complex compound of somatic compliance, emotional breakdown, cognitive dissonance and behavioral problem. The real clinical depresive disorder creates loss, displeasing feeling, sadness, unreasonable fear, unnecessary worry, dread, restlessness, inner conflict and frustration interfere which lasts for a long time. Which causes may have a part in depression? 1- Using alcohol or sedative drug abuse. 2-Some practices of drug therapy containing overactive thyroid gland, long term pain medication, cancer treatment. 3- Steroid abuse. 4- Sleep disturbance. 5- The problem encountered like: Breaking up with the lover, failing the class, death or sickness of somebody close proximity, divorcement, childhood abuse and careless, job loss, spousal abuse, spousal physical abuse, sexual abuse during childhood and adolescence, social isolation for some reasons. Those who suffer depression generally gain a different and negative point of view for the whole things and behaviours. A person in depressed mood is unable to see that some difficulties or conditions can be resolved in an optimistic mode. What are the signs of depression? The symtoms of depression are: Anxiety, nervousness, agitation, guiltiness, anger, sensitiveness, negativeness, hopelessness, irritability, worthlessness, sadness, helplessness, self-hatred, sleeplessness, excessive sleeps, poor apettite, increased appetite, loss of concentration, effeteness, energy loss, discouragement, turning into a withdrawn or isolated person, loss of pleasure and interest in life, death or suicide ideation. If depression is a major depression very severe, there may also seem psychotic disorders known as auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoid delusions delusions. The depression assessment and treatment depends on both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Antidepressants are used in antidepressant treatment.

Psychotherapy is another method of depression treatment which includes talk or speech therapy. If patient has saturninity and mild to moderate depression, one of these treatments may enough. However, patient with deep depression is generally in need of both antidepressant treatment and psychotherapy. Recovery period may take time for patient with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder and improvement becomes day by day and partially. If you observe negative psychological balance changes in yourselves, your children, your teen, family or anyone else as close friend and relative; then you should advice them to visit a clinical psychologist for diagnosis of depression in order to prevent them suicidality. The weighty matter in the first weeks and the following few months is to observe depressed person closely against suicidality after beginning antidepressant treatment. Psychotherapy known as speech therapy or talk therapy is to speak about your mood, emotions, tormenting, psychic traumas and bad thoughts in order to learn how to grasp the nettle and overcome the problems. Psychotherapy can procure you to identify the problems that may be at the back your unpleasant and uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. One more type of talk therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy in which you can be re-educated how to struggle against difficulties and negative thoughts. Besides, you learn being fully aware of your actions and symptoms. After then you may keep your nerves and depression under control. Sometimes, depression support group therapy may be necessary. Are there any other treatments for depression? Yes! Electroconvulsive therapy in short ECT is one of the most effective and safe technique for suicidal thoughts, major depression and psychotic symptoms. Transcranial magnetic stimulation in short TMS is another technique in which pulses of energy is used in order to motivate nerve cells in the brain for affecting mood. Natural daily or mild depression therapy is to go to coast and talk to sea about your emotional loneliness.

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