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Depression Treatment

There are several options of depression treatment. The most common and effective depression treatments are drug therapy or psychological counseling and guidance known as psychotherapy. In some other instances, a primary care physician may prescribe medications to reduce a symptom of primal depression. But, a lot of people call for a psychologist or psychiatrist who deals with mental health conditions or mental disturbances. In general, the most successful cure for depression is a mixture of drug therapy and psychotherapy. If a patient has a major or severe depression, a psychiatrist may help to lead his/her care until he/she is well enough. Then, what can be the treatment options of depression? Medications: A number of antidepressant medications are available to treat depression. In order to treat depression there are quite a lot of special kinds of antidepressants. Antidepressants are commonly classified by how they have an effect on patient’s brain to modify his/her bad and depressed mood. Antidepressant types are: 1- Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors- SSRIs are psychotropic drugs used in the treatment of clinical depressions such as anxiety disorders, depersonalization disorders, depressions, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic disorders, personality disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder and social anxiety. 2- Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors- SNRIs are used in the treatment of major depression, mood disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, fibromyalgia syndrome and menopausal symptoms. 3- Norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors-NDRIs is used in major depressive disorders and narcolepsy. 4- Monoamine oxidase inhibitors-MAOIs is used for treating atypical depression when further drug therapies have not worked. The other two kinds are atypical antidepressants and tricyclic antidepressants. But, the second one has many side effects. The most important point in antidepressant treatment is to find the right medication. If the patient is pregnant or breast-feeding she should be aware of having antidepressant treatment may cause an increased health risk to her unborn infant.

However, although mainly antidepressants are commonly harmless, sometimes they can increase suicide risk. Psychological counseling and guidance known as counseling therapy, psychosocial therapy, psychotherapy, talk therapy or only therapy is an additional key in depression treatment. During these dual conversation sessions with a specialist, the patient can realize the truth and find out the causes of his/her depression. Thus, he/she also can gain knowledge of identifying and making changes in his/her unhealthful manners or beliefs. In addition to all these, he/she can become to cope with his/her relations, bad experiences, emotional and laterality problems in order to change his/her attitude to life. Psychotherapy teaches “Life is beautiful.” The other depression treatments are: Electroconvulsive therapy in short ECT, Hospitalization and residential treatment programs, Vagus nerve stimulation, Transcranial magnetic stimulation. What can be the lifestyle and home remedies for depression treatment? Depression normally is not a syndrome that can be treated on one’s own. However, depressive patients can help themselves in the process of professional depression treatment and pay attention to their self-care by following these steps: Keep to treatment planning-Be taught about depression-Be aware of symptoms of depression-Learn about persons who are prone to depression-Try to do routine exercise-Do not use alcohol-Do not use illegal medicines-Try to get plenty of sleep. There are some alternative medicines as herbal remedies and supplements. These are: St. John’s wort, SAMe, Omega-3 fatty acids, Folate. Yet another alternative option for depression treatment is mind-body techniques and connections. Mind-body connections and techniques may help a depressive person and saturninity. These mind-body techniques are: Acupuncture, guided imagery, massage therapy, meditation and yoga. Mind-body connections and techniques should be experienced with dietary supplements. In order to coping with depression please: Simplify your life, do not become isolated, take care of yourself, learn stress management. Last word: “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!”

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