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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is an operational revision of the eyelid or as called in medical blepharon. Eyelid lift may be wanted by the individuals for both because of functional disorders and eyelid deseas or eyelid cosmetic surgery also known as blepharoplasty. Upper eyelid procedure is to remove and reform the excess skin and fat tissue with the help of muscle surrounding and tendon reinforcing. Blepharoplasty, improves person’s image as changed the appearance of facial looks. This plastic surgery can be operated on the eye lids and under eye bags, or both. It gives rise to a rejuvenated aspect to the eye contour area. Then, which disorders of eye contour skin can be treated by eyelid surgery? Treatments by eyelid lift surgery are: The extra fat deposits in the upper eyelids that seem as oedema and puffiness can be removed. The relaxion and softening of skin round both upper and lower eyelids as known dermatochalases can be lifted in order to have skin rejuvenation. The crow foot, laugh line and lower eyelid wrinkles reshaped and reformed. The under- eye bags or the bags under the eyes can be smoothed, the droopy eyelid can be lifted for correcting the droopiness. The blepharoplasty procedure can generally be performed both for male and female patients. The blepharoplasty procedure is usually applied under local anesthesia, sedation intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia. The surgeon offers the patient the best choice. The skin incisions are opened for both upper and lower eyelid surgery. The excess skin, fat deposits, creases and wrinkles are modelled back. Transconjunctival incision technique in which incision hidden inside the lower eyelid may be the best for eyelid lift surgery. The surgical stitch is generally sutured with sectional and absorbable suture materials.

Lastly the doctor bandages the eyelids up. If the eyelid cosmetic surgery is performed as an outpatient surgery or in an outpatient clinic it will be beter for you to ask a favour of somebody’ s help for post operative care at least two to three days. You must discuss your plastic surgeon whether you have eye diseases, eyelid diseases or any other various diseases such as: Diabets, retinal degeneration, dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, graves’ disease, thyroid gland hormones disorders or thyroid gland dysfunctions, cardiovascular disease, circulatory system disorders. overactive thyroid gland. Plastic eyelid surgery can be operated in an ambulatory medical center, outpatient clinic, doctor’s office or a hospital. What are the Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty risks? In general, undergoing any kind of a cosmetic or plastic surgery must be their own desicion who are going to have the surgery. Potential risks and complications are: unintended consequences, dry eye syndrome, ciliary muscle deformation, symmetry problems, unexpected scars, blurred vision, rolled eyelid lower outward after eyelid surgery known as ectropion, blood pooling beneath the skin known as hematoma formation, lack of skin sensation, persisting pains, skin discoloration, and eyelid disorders. Sometimes it may be impossible gettting a favourable result in the first surgery. In such circumstances a second eyelid surgery may be necessary in order to have optimal position. The recovery period must be under physician supervision and control. The doctor explains you about forcing factors which you have not to do such as quick motion or abrasion after the operation. During the post operative care period your eyes may be bandaged with gauze strip, you may put on eye ointment, you may apply cold comresses and wet gauze. In the individual recovery period patients do not exercise and avoid heavy activities. In the time of recovery try to wear shades, sun glasses, cheaters and protect your eyes from sun beams and solar radiation until the injuries heal up completely.

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