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Breastfeeding means to breast a newborn, babe in arm or infant with a straight line from female human breasts’ milk. This is a special lactation period for babies to suck and drink naturel, original and organic milk from breasts of their mothers rather than from a formula such as nursing bottle or another container. Infant have a sucking reflex that make possible them to suck. It is advised that mother should breastfeed their babe in arm at least for six months or more, without the addition of newborn formula or starting a baby on solid food. Besides it is strongly recommended that after starting a baby on solid food mothers are recommended to go on breastfeeding their infant for at least a year, and can prolong for two years or more. If we look from the viewpoint of feeding value, female breast milk is the richest form because of its rarity food safety and food control for babies. There are only some exceptions of course, if the mother is under medical observation and taking certain medicine and is infected with human T-lymphotropic virus, AIDS, HIV (ARVs) or has dynamic unprocessed tuberculosis.In order to clarify breasfeeding: It suppors healthiness and assists to prevent of your own illness, as we look from the viewpoint of health. Artificial feeding methods, breast-milk substitutes such as formulas for infant is resulted with more deaths from diarrhea throughout babies in the both the third world and industrial countries. Baby doctors are all of one mind about breastfeeding and human milk improves physical condition of childhood and adolescence period rather than breast-milk substitutes and artificial formulas. Human breast milk is the best for newborn. The infant will be protected from the diseases and illness as long as the baby may suck at mother at least in first six or seven months.

Breast milk contains various kinds of nutrient requirement and vitamins your infant needs. Besides breast feeding is fine for mother’s health, too. The breastfed infants are rarely under the risk of disorders known as stomach diseases, ear infections, respiratory tract infections or meningitis. The first produced breast milk or colostrum contains immunoglobulin in order to protect the infant from toxin, virus, bacteria and pathogens. Medical scientists believe that breastfeeding is preventing babyhood cancers because antibodies in human milk strengthen immune system. What are the benefits of breastfeeding for baby to become a healthier teenage or adult? Types of fat and cholesterol in human milk help growth of nerve tissue in brain! Visual acuity will be higher in breastfed baby! Infant has fewer ear infections! Baby will have advanced facial muscle improvement because of suckling! Children are not under the risk of indications of tonsillectomy! Breastfed baby circulatory system disorders and heart complications may be lesser as adults! Human milk reduces risk of getting diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 in endocrine system of breastfed child as adulthood! Breast milk is easy on an infant’s kidneys because it has less protein and less salt! Children less face appendicular disorders! Urinary infections are fewer! Human milk breastfed children have strong tissue and muscles and rheumatoid arthritis is not common in them! Breastfeeding may protect your child to become obese later in lifetime! Human milk causes newborn less allergic skin and protects eczema disorders! No suffer from constipation! What is the benefit for female when new mother breastfeeds her baby? Less risk of breast cancer! Less risk of ovarian and uterine cancer! Reduces the risk of osteoporosis! Lessens postpartum emotional disturbances and supports psychological health! Causes postpartum weight loss!

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