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Breast Lift

As the time passed skin aging of breasts quicken and starts to lose its elastance. This kind of elastic deformation causes women’s breasts to sag. However, there are a lot of different reasons leading to ptotic such as: Weight fluctuations, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, post-breast-feeding, gravity, genetic, heredity. Ptotic or breast sagging in not a problem no longer. Mastopexy or breast lift surgery can help to ptosis or sagging of the breasts to be reshaped and lifted as well. Breast lifting is a surgical method that forms breasts in a firm but not reduce their sizes. Breast lift surgery causes breasts to look much younger. Then what is breast lift surgery or mastopexy? Mastopexy is a kind of mammoplasty for lifting breasts and reestablishing an aesthetic bustline for female. Breast lift operation may not be an aesthetic problem only but physical, healthy and psychological.What the surgeon do to saging breasts during the breast surgery? Plastic surgeon tidies up exess and surplus skin and soft skin tissue first of all. Then operator makes tighter the resting skin in order to performe lifted breasts. Mastopexy causes breasts to look symmetric, beautiful, natural, well-formed and lively. Sometimes patients wish to have a better shape for their breasts. In these cases sergeon uses an implant at the time of lifting surgery. Breast surgeries whether implant is used or not are the most difficult operations in cosmetic surgery. Breast lift can be done at any age. Aesthetic plastic surgery of the breasts can be performed lonely or bring together with a breast implant. The patients should accept that mastopexy can not be operated without a few or scar. The scars mostly cure in a short time. If your breasts changed over time and lost their firmness, youthfull looking and skin elasticity then you may uplift your breast figure with cosmetic surgery.

In some cases, areola turns out te be enlarged and comes below. You should prefer breast lift surgery whenever you desire your breasts to seem fuller. You should know that breast lift or mastopexy is not an augmentation or reduction surgery. You can think about breast lift if: You are bodily healthy and keep a statin and balanced weight! You should be a non-smoker! You have truthful hopes! You really feel that your breasts sag, have lost form, image, contour and size! You have prolonged and unelactic skin and widened areolas and nipples! Your breasts become degenerated as asymmetric figures means one of the breasts is upper or lower than the other! You physically demoralized of the apperance of your breasts! You wish to regain your self-confidence! There are there types of breast lift surgery. The alteration between each category is where the skin incision and surgical incision will be located. Concentric bilateral breast lift; vertical bilateral breast lift; anchor blateral breast lift. The anchor blateral breast lift technique is the most complicated, widespread and effectual mastopexy. breast lift. It involves an incision starting at bottom fold of a breast, moving along the contour, rising to the nipple, around the nipple, and down and across to the other side of the breast. The end result is an anchor-like incision that removes the most amount of skin out of all techniques. You can discuss about these tecniques with your plastic surgeon. In addition to all these you may choose laser breast lift. Lase breast lift tecnique is recently begin to be offered to women. Female who do not enjoy surgical procedure can think on laser breastlift. Laser breast lift does not cause complications and you spend less time. Finally, if your breasts are in need of support you can think about plastic surgery of breast lift or lase breast lift.

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