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Botulinum toxin is a kind of protein produced by the bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum toxin is one of the most sovereign neurotoxins yet found out. The trade name of this botulinum neurotoxin is called briefly Botox. Botox is a few known Dysport, Xeomin, BTX-A. Botox treatment is used both for medical and cosmetic purposes. Therapeutic purposes are: Treatments of convergent strabismus, divergent strabismus, cross eyes, blepharospasm, uncontrollable blink reflex, inhibiting excess sweating underarms or hands, hyperhidrosis, achalasia cardiae, esophageal achalasia, lower esophageal sphincter spasm, cervical dystonia, neck muscle spasms, shoulder muscle spasms, chronic pain, neuropathy, migraine, headaches, enlarged prostate, bladder dysfunction. Botox injections help people to improve the quality of their own life because clostridium botulinum has ability of relaxing muscles. How is it discovered botox can be used for cosmetic purposes? Two physicians who are couples found out that the patients having clostridium botulinum injections for their eye complications practiced wane in forehead lines. This observation achieved a significant breakthrough in cosmetic botox. BTX-A then began to be used for the treatment of glans, glabella and frowns between the brows. Botox injections are the most well-liked aesthetic formula being done to decrease the look of wrinkles at present. In fact, Botox is the best non-invasive cosmetic method because of being safety and painless. As the sun and harmful solar rays damage the skin both men and women over time the noticable wrinkles become clear and form on the facial areas such as forehead, around the eyes and lips. Even though intradermal use of densifying anti-wrinkle creams can not be sufficient look tired, stern and angry. Botox causes to relax the facial muscles under the wrinkles by smoothing out the facial expressions. Physicians also use Botox injections carefully around the lips.

Botox is being exercised on the increase of visible wrinkles to lighten up the platysma muscle. Botox Injections is being experienced against muscle relaxation in front of the neck that becomes more able to be seen with age. Botox treatment can help to minimize their appearance. Botox can also operate lower eyebrows too. Most patients go back to their offices after having the treatment without any physical scores on their faces. How does botox work? Botox works by occluding nerve impulses and minimize contraction phase of muscles. As a result when the contraction of muscles slow down the wrinkles get soften and relax. Botox procedure generally takes three to five days. The result and having a younger appearance lasts from six to seven months. The retreatments are required per six or seven months. Botox procedure is the injection of protein into the muscle with the help of a fine needle. It usually lasts ten to fifteen minutes. There is no need to anaesthetize the patients. The patient both man or woman who is determined to have botox injection should stop drinking alcohol for at least eight or ten days ago. Additionally, in order to avoid wound and bruise the patient should not take pain medications and nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Botox is a FDA approved treatment for crow’s feet, forehead, neck and the whole other facial wrinkled areas. Botox is a non-surgical procedure alternative to face-lift. The side effects of botox cosmetic are: Flu, headache, feeling nausea, bruising and respiratory tract infection. In some cases the treatment may also cause indigestion complications. Botox provider will tell you about the complications and botox side effects.

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