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Anti Aging Skin Care

As the time passes while we are aging our skin gets older too. Our face skin get wrinkled, dried and loses its elasticity in due course, naturally. However, in today’s conditions and alternatives we can prepare our skin rejuvenation for the years ahead from tomorrow onward. Yet more, it is not too late for your skin rejuvenating at mid-fifties. Then, how can we achieve this? Beginning with routine diet! Please try to eat and drink the following super foods for your natural beauty. Avocado: Eating this fruit you can keep your skin cells moisture and prevent skin dehydration because of its being rich in protecting essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Tea: All kinds of teas have antioxidants. But at the same time, as we all know white and green tea has double antioxidant sovereign. Almond: It is full of catalase enzyme that has anti-aging effect on somatic cells and follicles. Cocoa: It contains flavonol that protect your derma from solar radiation. In fact, cocoa is a natural sun protector factor by itself because of its concentration of plant complex with antioxidant belongings. Yoghourt: Yogurt is a food rich in protein. Protein is a vital nutrient for the production of collagen. Collagen is fibrous essences that continue not only your skin young looking but pearly whites! Yogurt is also a tooth decay-preventing and tooth enamel strengthening nutrient because of calcium and phosphorus in it. Strawberry: It is the source of vitamin C and ellagic acid. Production of collagen has been supported by Vitamin C. Collagen production is important for slowing down the aging process of skin because it is an antioxidant and avoid ecological harm. Ellagic acid is an organic emollient and raises capacity of dermis to stabilize moisture balance of epidermis. This means delay of start wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, skin drying, blackheads, dark spots, sagging and skin aging.

Coffee: The caffeine in coffee is a bonus for the anti wrinkle facial because of preventing the lack of elastin and collagen. Collagen and elastin reduce and show the way to wrinkles and sagging with increasing age. However, do not drink coffee in large doses. It is a diuretic and may cause skin dehydration. If you pay attention to anti aging natural skin care, it is more than probable that you may reverse the effects of skin aging. It is not too late yet! There are a lot of various kinds of creams, serums, cleansers and moisturizers in the markets and beauty shops. But, in order to look young practice in respect thereof in your daily routine. Remove your make-up before going to sleep. Use UV protective products. Learn stress management. Update your diet routine and eat omega-3 as mentioned above. Take note of using retinol and retinoids. Do not smoke. Do exercise. Finally, here is a anti-aging and anti wrinkle skin cream tariff: DIY! Ingredients: 2 teaspoon yellow beeswax- 3 teaspoon linden flower water- one teaspoon honey- three teaspoon shea butter- three teaspoon almond oil- two teaspoon wheat germ oil- three drops jasmine- two drops myrrh. The way: Put beeswax in a bowl. Put the bowl in ovenware full of hot water. Put ovenware on a low heat and let beeswax to melt. In another bowl warm the honey and linden flower together. As the beeswax has melted, put in the shea butter lead it to melt in the beeswax stirring constantly. Then mix the wheat germ and almond oils and beat until the whole ingredients are mixed. While the warmth of two bowls is equal; add the mash of honey and linden flower water into the oils drops by drop. Blend slowly and steadily. As they all are really mixed, let off the hook and go on stirring until the mixture gets cool. Lastly beating them thoroughly add the essential oils. The cream is ready.

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