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Alzheimer’s disease is a loss of brain function which causes brain disorder. Alzheimer is known as the most common type of dementia. Alzheimer disease in short AD is an old age brain problem but developing AD is not a part of normal aging. It gets worse slowly but surely over time. Genetics and family history such as having a close blood relative with AD is a risky factor. Besides, having long-term high blood pressure, history of head trauma and being female may be the risk factors. Already alzheimer is an incurable disease. Alzheimer most often present at older ages over sixty-five years. It has two forms. Alzheimer’s disease with early onset in short early onset AD: Signs come into view before age sixty. Although it is much less common, it has a tendency to get worse rapidly. Alzheimer’s disease with late onset in short late onset AD: This is the most known form. It develops in groups age sixty and over. The problems during the course of Alzheimer’s differ from person to person. Still, there are lots of familiar signs and symptoms. The first parts of signs are wrongly considered as age-related forgetfulness and a result of stress disorders. AD can progress undiagnosed insidiously throughout the years before developing into quite noticeable. The most common sign in the early days of disease is forgetfulness or poor memory. A person who is a candidate of alzheimer illness has a great difficulty in remembering new happenings and events. As the disease develops the advanced symptoms may include mental confusion, memory confusion, conceptual confusion, act of aggression, identity confusion, irritability, over sensitiveness and mood swings in profile of mood states in short POMS.

The other signs may be inability of expressing, lack of self-expression skill, trouble with language, progressive and long-term memory loss. As the AD grows to be worse, signs become more apparent and AD candidates lose the ability of taking care of themselves. Advanced signs may include: Sleep disorders as waking up at midnight; Reading and writing difficulties; Lack of basic tasks as driving or preparing meals; Losing awareness of who they are; Emergence of hallucinations and having hallucinations; Withdrawing from regular family life and social life etc. The grounds of AD are not plain yet. Mild cognitive impairment in short MCI is the step between usual forgetfulness due to aging. However, sometimes MCI may be a sign for development of AD. But, not everybody with MCI builds up AD. In fact, there is no confirmed method to prevent AD. However, everybody can practice a low-fat dietary. Besides, taking supplements may help to prevent dementia or AD. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids dietary and having cold-water fish in meals can be necessary. These cold-water fish may be mackerel, salmon or tuna. Using antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E both naturally and as supplements can prevent dead of brain cells. Try not to intaking of linoleic acid which is found in butter, margarine, and dairy products. Please try to maintain a normal blood pressure. Finally, try to be in mental and social activities of life.

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