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Acne Treatment

Acne is a kind of disease that appears on the skin of both male and female.Acne vulgaris is hair follicles syndrome especially located on facial area besides chest area. No bacteria family causes common acne but bacteria takes part a great role in its increasing and spreading.Acne scars generally come out during puberty. Then if acne is not a chronic bacterial infection what causes pustules? In fact, we can not explain any reason about the basis of acne.However; we observe acne during the teenage years when male hormone levels developes. As a consequence of that sebaceous glands connected to the hair follicles and cause follicular openings or pores to enlarge. At the same time as the follicle widens, the ruptured cell wall allows ordinary skin bacteria enter into the deeper layers of the skin. The kinds of acne are: Pustule, pimple, papule, cyst, whiteheads and blackheads. Acne treatment should be done together both home treatment acne marks and prescription therapy acne. Home treatment or chemical free acne treatment for acne scars depends on three categories. Open or unclog the pores: Keep your skin clean with washing sensitive and mild skin products such as mild cleansers, bars or liquids. Try to use exfolianting products which include well granules, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid that have strong peeling effect such as exfoliating masques and cleansers.The derivative products of vitamin A also can help your skin care. For stopping bacterial growth, bakteriostasis use antibacterial products such as cleansers, gels, creams, lotions. Try to decrease the oily areas of your face wiping away with antibacterial pads, soft lotions or toners. For making up apply light moisturizer, water based and oil free products. Acne wounds do not worse without receiving treatment.

Yet, acne has not been treated the infection and scars unavoidably will grow up. For preventing the potential infection and prevalence of acne scars it will be necessary to consult a dermatologist or skin doctor. The physician probably can leed you how to cure and get rid of pustule by drug therapy keratolytics, retinoids, topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics which are much more helpful and effectual rather than over the counter drug, in short OTC. Another alternative is laser acne treatments: Laser acne removal has been advanced in treating pustules and acne scars. Laser beams can be used to realize having satisfactory results of acne treating in laser technology. Nowadays non-ablative laser treatment and pulsed-dye laser treatment techniques are much more preferable to carbon dioxide laser or CO2 laser techniques. Further we can add two other new fractional laser technologies: Fraxel laser and Affirm laser that are both are effective in scar and spot treatment. But if you prefer chemical acne treatment then you may visit an aesthetician and aesthetic center or a clinic. Most of patients say that laser pustule treatment does not painfull. Recovery period after laser treatment is not long but a few days there may be painless swelling and redness. Many patients agree on laser spot treatment and fractional resurfacing is much more preferable than accutane acne cure. Acne treating acne needs tolerance, constancy and firmness. Any of the spot treatments above referred may get three or four months. You can be working off during these days. The advices of dermatologist, aesthetic laser surgeons are just not to flake and pick up acne scars! Please lead scars stay in there and do not pull up!

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